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Iron Fist vs. Juggernaut

Just throwing this out... wanting to finish up the Chaste Monk Quest very quickly. Not like any of my battles, barely detailed but I'd like to get some feedback on it.

No armour, only one weapon which is a switchblade. They are both at full strength. 

They are both lined up 50 yards away from each other, and fighting in a huge thick redwood forest.  
Its a grudge match! 
Tell me what you think! 

(Iron Fist Simpson!)
(Iron Fist Simpson!)







 p.s. Do you like the Iron Fist Simpson?!


Battle Ideas for me to come up with.

My fellow viners, 
I need some help here, I'm braindead with Battle ideas and I want to make something really interesting. I'd like some knowledge of what I should do. Please comment below and explain to me what I should try to do or create. I made four and I had some great debates and different opinions. Just give me a shout out, thanks. 



All of My Battles I Made (Updated Frequently)

Quick Overview: 
1. Chameleon vs. 10 Swat Elites     
2. Kato (Green Hornet) vs. Mr. Smee (Captain Hook)     
3. Prometheus vs. Captain Boomerang 
4. Hobgoblin vs. Green Arrow     
5. 50 Standard Clone Troopers Commanded By Capt. America vs. 100 Na'vi Avatar Warriors Commanded by Catman (Fighting at COD MW2 Invasion)    
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Green Hornet, New 'Phase' for me.

Ahhh, seems like something always comes up like a movie and attracts my attention causing me to look into it. So.... its the Green Hornet! Man am I pumped about this movie, what are your expectations? Do you know anything about the Green Hornet? I just got done reading one of the Parallel comics for it. 
I like the cover art. Wait, I LOVE IT. I'm probably going to go but #3.

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Would you rather.....

Would you rather be a normal person working very hard to be a superhero with no powers whatsoever or a victim of a freak accident that becomes a superhero?
For an example, Batman, learned many ways of combat and uses stunning gadgets to fight crime.  
For an example, a freak accident for Barry Allen made him into the Flash from spilled chemicals caused by lightning. 
In a way, one ways the easier road but a true life changer (accident) and another one is excruciating and painful but has no side effects (normal). 
Many pro's and con's what do you think?
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