Band of Brothers

The Hammer of the Imperium

"From home to hell, from shore to star, no-one knows who we are. The hammer of the Imperium crashes down, breaking alien bone and cultist crown. We will never surrender, this much is true, you'd best hope our guns aren't pointed at you." - battle litany from the pages of A Guardsman's Uplifting Primer

The backbone of the Symaarian Guard is made up of the common man, everyday soldiers of fortune that seek to protect their homes and families, seek adventure, attain spiritual satisfaction or repentance, or simply because they were part of the draft at the time. Every Guardsman's life boils down to a single truth: it is currency, and it would be wise to spend it doing something worthwhile. The common Guardsman is armed with little more than combat fatigues, a flak breastplate and helmet, and the ever-reliable lasgun. Though capable of small injuries at range and mild annoyance to heavily-armored foes, the lasgun is typically used in a coordinated volley of hundreds of thousands going off at the same time, multiplying their effectiveness by unimaginable intervals. Many enemy infantry charges have been stopped in their tracks simply by underestimating the determination and martial skill of a few thousand Guardsmen.

Patrol - at most ten Guardsmen, led by NCO

Squad - at most thirty Guardsmen, led by corporal

Platoon - at most 100 Guardsmen, led by sergeant

Company - at most 500 Guardsmen, led by captain

Battalion - at most 1,500 Guardsmen, led by lieutenant

Brigade - at most 5,000 Guardsmen, led by colonel

Division - at most 50,000 Guardsmen, led by general

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