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Wonder Woman needs some decent enemies

Most comic book characters that have been around for as long (or substantially shorter) than Wonder Woman have a well fleshed out collection of enemy's to do battle with.  With Wonder Woman though it seems like she is constantly dealing with the same four or five bad guys.  The bad guys (actually they are usually gals) themselves aren't entirely horrible.  Circe works ok as a arch-villain and so does Cheetah, but after Silver Swan (who isnt all that interesting) the bad guys really thin out.  So it is no wonder that her comic is always going off in a hundred directions and that no movie ever gets made with her.  There arent the bad guys in her background to justify it, even for one of the most iconic characters in comic book history (I would say she is probably fourth most well known hero after Supes, Bats and Spidey, but the Iron Man movies might have pushed her to sixth.)  So I think DC shoudl think long and hard about giving her some decent foes, and they might want to base them on something like these foes: 

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  • I will use the first two as a template for a science based character. Wonder Woman is based firmly in mythology, and it would be interesting to see numerous clashes between myth and technological might.

  • The following characters act as a potential template for new mythology based characters. Wonder Woman's mythological foes have mostly come the Greek or Roman pantheons, but to be honest this is getting a little tired. How many times have you asked yourself "I wonder if Ares or Hercules is behind this?" Why not expand into some other pantheons and draw in some more bad guys. We live in a multicultural world after all, wouldn't a group oh heroes from pantheons beyond just the usual be a bit more appealing anyway?

  • Or just make up characters from other pantheons

  • When looking for characters within mythology it is not necessary to overlook the Greek pantheons though. After all one of the best villains in comics is Loki for Thor. DC could make Aphrodite a stronger enemy for instance. In myth she is seen as extremely jealous of others beauty. Why not have a jealous Aphrodite angered at Diana because Diana has captured the hearts of the men of the world and not her, and Aphrodite regrets the gift of beauty that she gave to Diana as a baby.

  • Even traditional heroes could be redesigned. Theseus was forced to sit on a chair in Hades for eternity (if I remember the myth correctly). What if he escaped and blamed the amazons for this? There is nothing wrong with redesigning a character to appear more modern either as Marvel has done with the Eternals

  • I borrowed the next four heroes from Batman. Wonder Woman has the ability to see the truth, but what would her powers do to a villain who was so crazy that the truth was whatever they believed? It would be an interesting challenge for Diana to fight through this bizarre way of viewing his or her respective worlds.

  • Wonder Woman is one of the premier fighters in the DC universe, but it is pretty rare that someone wants to test her by going head to head with her. Superman and Batman both have characters that like to fight just for fighting sake. Consider that Wonder Woman is a better hand to hand combatant than Superman and only below him in power. Would no one really want to try themselves against her?

  • Another slight variant of that is some woman (or man I guess) who felt that Wonder Woman's beauty cost her the chance to find the man (or woman) she desired. Sort of like when Maxima showed up asking Superman to marry her. What if he had been in love with Wonder woman instead? There would have been a rumble.

  • Wonder Woman also could use someone who could completely counteract some or all of her powers, just like Sinestro used to do with his yellow ring. A character that makes others only lie? Remember the characters dont have to be all powerful, mind games work just as good as smash em up style fights

  • But there is a still a place for smash em up type of fights. Who is the Wonder Woman foe who can go match Wonder Woman in a fight? Not Cheetah, as soon as Wonder Woman had one hand on her, she could launch her into orbit. She could use a real heavyweight to go up against.

  • Another suggestion for her background would be to draw on her history more. She fought through the Second World War as did many other heroes, so why not have one of the perpetuated (or in this case created and then perpetuated.) Keep in mind a couple of years ago Hippolyta traveled back in time as Wonder Woman and put all the JSA Wonder Woman canon back into existence. How is some displaced World War II villain suppoosed to know the difference between the two?

  • Another good idea could be to rewrite some old bad guys nearly forgotten and give them a new purpose. John Byrne did this with a few during his run (Giganta and Egg Fu.) Bruce Wayne changed what OMAC means in the DCU. Why not someone else?

  • She has resurafaced recently, but is still almost ignored. She ties nicely into my last two points.

  • It would be all right to rip off Elektra on this one and have someone completely dedicated to studying and bringing Wonder Woman down.

  • Also might be interesting to tie into Wonder Woman's past when she was depowered and give her a group of international (or intergalactic villains to cross paths with.)