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Hulk 2, The Dark Knight, or Hellboy 2

For me it would be Hulk 2.  I have seen the previews for Hulk 2 and The Dark Knight and both look good.  I'm not sold on Ledger's interpretation of the Joker or Batman's new costume and though Batman Begins was far better then the Kilmer or Clooney Batman movies, it left me wanting.  I didn't like Neeson as Ras and I thought he wasn't given enough development time.  I liked the Scarecrow but he wasn't shown enough.  It just seemed like they were trying to do too much in one movie, when they could have concentrated on less and done a better job.  But I think DK will be better or at least I hope it will.

Hellboy 2 on the other hand may or may not be better than the first one but the first movie wasn't anywhere close to as good as Batman Begins was, for me anyway, and so I have no reason to believe that the second one will come close to The Dark Knight.  I like Hellboy as a character but the actor doesn't do much for me and for me there isn't much complexity to his character.

You'd think a lack of complexity would hurt the Hulk as well but to me the Hulk is just the end result while the real character is Banner.  It's the opposite of Superman.  In Superman you dont care about Kent because Kent is just Superman pretending to be a normal human.  But Hulk is just Banner having lost complete control and the focus should always be on what gets him to that point and then you just sit back and watch as he takes his frustration out on whoever set him off.  It looks like Norton understands this and is realling doing a great job showcasing Banner in this new Hulk movie.  But too much of that and it ceases to be much of a superhero movie.  So it's great to see them overcoming the drawback of most of the Superman movies.  You have a powerhouse superhero (unlike Batman, who's actually easier to put in a movie) and you give him a powerhouse villain to match up against (instead of Lex Luthor, his minions and in one instance, Richard Pryor).  Heroes are far more interesting when they get to do what they do best.  Superman feels wasted when he doesn't get to showcase his powers, on their uppermost levels, and when it really isnt the villain who is bringing that out of them, the villain seems to not be as involved in the story as a villain should be.  This Hulk gets the Abomination instead of a few genetically altered dogs and a watered down version of the Absorbing Man, pretending to be his father.  I have high hopes to see something amazing in this movie and the previews are doing nothing but reinforcing those hopes.

So I say all of that to say that I personally will more than likely enjoy Hulk 2 more than I will the other two movies, though I will definitely give them a look as well.

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Writing Exercise I

It filled her mouth with the taste of iron. She spat and the red stain stood in sharp contrast to the white speckled floors. She shifted her gaze up slowly and saw him bouncing around. His movement was almost a little too much for her so she squinted her eyes.

He was lying. She could tell. His lips were moving. Then she noticed that she could not hear him, or anything for that matter, beyond that insufferable ringing that filled her head. She closed her eyes slowly, trying to will the ringing away. It died down to a minor annoyance but it was still so dominant that she could hear nothing else.

She opened her eyes and watched him bouncing still. He was bragging now. Telling her how he had beaten her, how a little girl should not have tried to stand up to him, how he was going to have his way with her once she had learned her place. She still could not hear him but she was sure that was what he was saying.

The taste of iron filled her mouth again and she spat once more before swallowing hard. Her vision had a blue edge to it as unconscious had been threatening to overtake her. She might have a concussion. She should be laying down. Oh wait. She was laying down.

She had been leaning back on her elbows but now she sat up and put first one foot and then the other beneath her and slowly rose on unsteady legs. She had closed her eyes as she stood, hoping to keep down the nausea, hoping to hold back the fear.

Fear? Yes. She was always afraid at first. Until the rage came. She could feel it now, clawing at the back of her mind, teasing, tormenting, begging to be released. Her eyes opened fully again and she saw him smiling his fool smile.

He was pretty. His eyes were large and round with eyelashes that were as long and as full as hers were. His eyebrows were strong and full. His nose was perfectly compact. His lips were full and pouty. Only his cheeks and his jaw portrayed his masculinity and the contrast between the feminine and masculine features just made him all the more attractive. She wanted to smash those beautiful pearly teeth in and close those gorgeous eyes under blood filled bruises.

He could read the hatred in her face and it only made him laugh. The blue was receding from her vision and the ringing in her ears subsided enough that she could hear him now.

“Oh baby, you never looked prettier than you do with a little blood on that porcelain doll’s face.”

She took licked her lips and took the bottom one into her mouth and then spat again, but this time there was no blood. He had marred her face? She had hoped that it was blood on her lips that he was talking about, but it wasn’t. Somewhere on her face there was a cut and he had put it there. She would not give him the satisfaction of watching her feel around for it with her hands. She felt the rage rising.

“Oh baby, you don’t look so good. You’ve gotta work on your staying power. That was just the introduction sweetie. Just wait until I show you what these hands can really do. And just wait until I start to do other things.”

His smile touched the bottom of her stomach and she worked to hold back the vomit that tried to issue forth. The blue had left her vision completely and the ringing was now gone. She let the rage rise uncontrolled and felt the blood and adrenaline race through her body.

He was talking again and she could not hear him. But this time his voice was kept at bay by the power she felt inside herself. She smiled then and that stupid grin was frozen on his face. That insipid grin of the ignorant, the imbecilic, the utterly unredeemable… She launched herself toward him intent on wiping it off.

Part I.

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