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This is how all fight set ups should be modelled

Tony Stark (Batman) vs Bruce Wayne (Iron Man)

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The Story:

One day, the One-Above-All and the Pressence heard thousands of voices crying out in fervor of challenge. It was not the first time they had heard the cries but the fervor was never less intense. "Iron Man is nothing but the Batman of Marvel," one voice jeered while another cried "Iron Man is smarter than Bruce and he has more style." But the voices were never quelled. The paralels of Stark and Wayne could never be escaped. Both were inventors, geniuses, crime-fighters, rich, and both were human at their cores in a world with beings the far outclassed their own mortal abilities and made up for that discrepancy with technology they crafted and designed. Long ago, these great beings along with other powers that be had crafted a place where such wars could be held in a universe where they would be free to wage untetherd battle without jeopardizing their own universes. They called this realm "The Vine" but this battle had happend before in many different ways. Who was a better fighter? Who had better tech? Who was a better strategist? The battles always went back and fourth and a solid winner was never chosen. But it all came back to one question. Were they really, at their cores, alternate versions of the same person? And could one of them ever be superior? Unable to decide one a challenge that would finally answer these questions they sought the aid of one of the Viners, the cosmic denizens of the Vine who lend their powers to the champions to determine the outcomes of each epic conflict. That entity was DangerousLoki.

The Scenario:

Bruce Wayne has been taken from Wayne Manor and placed in Stark Tower, and Tony Stark has been placed in Wayne Manor. Neither of them bring anything with them beyond the clothes on their back. At that moment they are suffering from a serious case of the USS Enterprise syndrome, a syndrome symptomatic of being the only starship in the quadrant available to do anything or in this case hero, when their Rogue's galleries both attack respectively. Both are forced to take on each others mantle to combat the threat. Bruce Wayne becoming Iron Man and Tony Stark becoming Batman.

The Challenge:

Stark and Wayne will both have each others respective standard gear, Bruce will have access to general use stark Armor before the Extremis unit. Stark will have the Batcave, utility belt, and other standard batman equipment but no specialty tech or armors. For the sake of this challenge boths equipment will register the other as an identified user and they don't have to hack the belt/armor. However neither knows each others equipment and both are thrust into combat before the can be acclimated to the situation. They will each face 7 members of the others Rogue gallery and the will be determined by who would defeat the others rogue gallery or at least the one who would stack up the most wins.

The Rogues:

Batman (Stark) will be facing:

Round 1: Mr. Freeze

Round 2: Firefly

Round 3: Talia Al Ghul

Round 4: Ra's Al Ghul

Round 5: Bane

Round 6: Deathstroke

Round 7: Joker

Iron Man (Wayne) will be facing:

Round 1: Blizzard

Round 2: Firebrand

Round 3: Madam Masque

Round 4: Count Nefaria

Round 5: Firepower

Round 6: Crimson Dynamo

Round 7: The Mandarin

The Rules:

Battle-field removal is off. Win by knockout or submission(through seduction or other means) only. Standard morals apply to both characters. Neither Bruce or Stark has access to any technology that their respective counter does not possess and neither have access to more then their general use equipment. All rogues should be considered current versions where applicable when not applicable (death of character, massive power upgrade) the character should be considered at the most current version previous this.

Both have to compensate not only with beating their villains (I tried to select villains who had a paralel in both worlds) but with operating equipment and technology they're not familiar with that might inadvertently effect what they can do. Keep that in mind when determining who will win each round.

Secondary Scenario: Add an hour before the attacks of the gallery for both to familiarize themselves with each others equipment but they still don't know about the attack and cannot seek any aid only learn about the gear they'll have available. Will this effect the outcome of the matches?

Let the battle begin.

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My Pm problem

Seems this thing as fooled me, it gives us a private message when sum1 replies to our stuff (i thought it was suppose to be a notification thing)

Private Message started by Erik

Erik just replied to your comment:

@FMStyyx said:

@Death Certificate said:

Why is it that im a new member yet im actually attempting the arguement..

as for the religion thing, it was a comparison.. not an actually attack on religion itself u should have read the whole post and 2 understand it.. and god was not a title for the greek gods, it was an actual position, creators, rulers, immortal beings that could not be taken down with normal means..

As i said in my last post. Combine the gods so they are not in 2 different worlds. and give both characters all their feats, Kratos towers over her.

Or since in comics characters powers are up scaled far beyond what they are in a video game. kratos would be stronger (the gods had all kinds of special powers flight super strength and it didnt do much good so it would in WW case either..

Kratos can hold his own against WW with only his powers and weapons from GOW1, with great difficulty. anything past thathe can beat her easier

I have no idea why you think that the characters would get a power boost simply from being moved from a game to paper. That makes absolutely no sense. Nothing the gods do in that game come remotely close to the gods of DC in terms of power or feats.

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Comic Vine

Private Message by FMStyyx

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Are you really that dense.

Example: All of supermans games suggest hes not invulnerable at all, he takes damage like anyone else.. while in comic books he can tank almost anything.. Try both medias b4 trying to argue a point u dnt undersand.

games have always been scaled down especially comic book characters.

Give WW her own game on the scale of GOW and ull see that her powers will be reduced just like if u brought Kratos to the comic book world he would have his powers increased

Posted 2 hours, 51 minutes ago

Private Message by Erik

Yeah I suppose you are right. I mean Batman takes bullets in the face all the time in comics and clearly getting shot in the face in the game immediately causes game over. I think you have things backwards, mate.

Posted 2 hours, 45 minutes ago

Private Message by FMStyyx

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No, bats has nvr been shot in the face, hes been shot in the body and has lived. in comics bats has survived damage that would grant a instant game over. 'the game world is scaled way down from the comic world.

Posted 2 hours, 40 minutes ago

Private Message by Erik

I do not think you know what you are talking about. Batman has been shot in the face and it nearly killed him in comics. In the games, he is shot in the face all the time and he shrugs it off like it is nothing. Take any gameplay video of the Arkham games you want. Everything you are saying is contrary to the established facts. I think before you jump into a PM trolling and flame baiting a user, you should at least make sure you are right about what you are talking about.

Posted 2 hours, 36 minutes ago

Private Message by FMStyyx

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Ur the one that started this whole thing; and i have not flamed anyone ur the one trolling me. Even if bats was shot in the face, hed survive because thats what he does(ppl in comics do/real life do) 1 game series isnt going to have you penalized if u get shot in a certain spot in a batman game if they give u a health bar, that would be stupid, ur the one that doesnt know what ur talking about and i want u to stop pming me..

Posted 2 hours, 25 minutes ago

Private Message by Erik

How have I started this whole thing? I replied to you in a thread, then you PMd me saying that I am dense. So who flame baited again?

And penalization on health bars in games is exactly my point. Batman can take multiple gunshots to the face and keep on smiling in the game due to the fact that no one can enjoy a game where someone dies as easily in a comic or real life. The same applies to just about any game. Game play enhances your stats considerably over what they normally would be elsewhere.

The game only has one aspect of damage control. a health bar, to control how much damage u take. every power and ability is decreased to a sever extent

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