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More SJW DC 0

More SJW DC avoid this book save your money it's crap ............... it looks like crap this why comic book are dying out for real....... it's SJW at it's core SJW has nothing to do with anything ..............................................................................................................

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this book sucks 0

greeting everyone I just want to that this book suck & who every green lighted this dumpster fire need to #STOP it right up there the NEw warriors , it has no real story ,& it's full of soy & SJW bs , stan lee's batman & Robin are ten times better then this pile .It's like D.C. Comics told Marvel to hold my beer as they allow this to come forth, hell jack Kirby worst story is 10 time better then this hell Jaw breakers is 1000% better then this with that being said have nice day...

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Dark Nights Metal #2 0

Hi gang long time no review , but I just pick this up after watching a lot of review via YouTube , so I can see what all hub bub is all about and for the most part I dig it , now let me drop some knowledge on some of newbies unless you are willing go back and check some old school comics out this may not be story for you , but none the less it is a fun book with some really deep cuts from older comic book like sandman by Neil Gamon or Batman R.I.P just to name a few old school comic books ...

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OG Super Sons 0

I find it rather funny how what was bomb in 1973 and forgotten about has come back around and gets a Rebirth of a sort , now this is not a dig or rip on the new Super Sons at all just observation of sort , because for personally I enjoy this issue and the other issue that had what I call "the OG Super -Sons" team up that most comic book readers would even know that they had been written in January, 1973, but I summit that before anyone gets the new Super-Sons arc that may be you should pic...

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My Thoughts on Fable Vol 16 or 102-106 0

I really enjoy Fable vol 16 or 102-106 with a "Fable Charters' playing the part of Super Heroes in order to stop the evil bad guy , it's nice spin the Tome also it's really good read I have read twice and used as far as my own writing goes (insert shameful plug here ) lol , but moving on , I find it fun read while keep the same vibe all the other "Fable" arc so there is something for both Fable fan and Super hero fan all wrap up into one one arc .Fin...

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My thoughts on Future Quest#5: " The Wheel of History." 0

My thoughts on Future Quest#5: "The Wheel of History."It's still "Good"and I like how they brought Mightor into 2016 , as well The Impossibles being introduce . For me I grew up watching Space Ghost , Frankenstein Jr. in late 60's and 70's on TV ,but in comics I think Johnny Quest Ect.. never had good comic until now .do I see being on going Issue ? I going to say No , because it need to be in brought into The DCU , like with JSA or Teen Titans as a Crossover even ,like they did with The Red Ci...

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My thoughts on Grimm Fairy Tales: "Steampunk#2" 0

I like "Steampunk." base comics and Music like Abney Park and Steam Lantern, but moving on to the arc .1. It's "OK" it's to read and follow without needing to go back catch up.2. This is not something I would tell 1st timers to pick and read unless are into to Steampunk yourself .3. It's really a fun read think Fable meet Steampunk in tone .Fin...

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My Thoughts on Impact: "Fly Vol #2 issue #6" 0

My Thoughts on Impact: "Fly Vol # 2 Issue# 6"1. I Enjoyed it , It was "OK" arc for a 1990's comic book when Dark Horse and other Indy Comic Book came out the whole Impact comic arc fit right in with that group /style of comics .2. I would not tell new readers to start with it , but reader that may have been collecting 2 to 3 years it's a "Good" $0.50 bin dive to fill up you collection (but only if it's your thing )...3. The arc is the start DCU and Red Circle run , because the stories were w...

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My Thoughts on: "Blue Ribbon Comics #13 ." 0

My thoughts on 1984's Blue Ribbon Comics # 13 with Thunderbunny (from Charlton Bullseye # 6) ...1. It's a OK read,but fun with Thunderbunny teaming up Mighty Crusaders (Who I'm a big fan of )...2. It has the old school feel and look plus it feels like old fashion cross over when it's not a"cross over" ...3. This isn't an arc for mew readers ,but does not they can not enjoy it, just not I would a new reader to start with it.4. It's more in line with a silver age comics like from the 1970's .I...

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My thought on Wild C.A.T.s: "Covert Action Team #1" 0

I really like Wild C.A.T.s it's right up there along with arcs like Suicide Squad or Secret Six (which I'm a Big fan of them) ... I had pick up a copy of it in the 1990's and had really enjoyed it.1. It's Really Good arc not Epic ,but Really Good with a big fan base.2. They can match with any super team and hold their own like JLA & etc..3. A 1st time reader/collector could pick this arc up as a staring point and feel lost in reading/ collecting and it still hold up with long timers like m...

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My thoughts on Project Superpowers: " Last Gleaming." 0

Project Superpowers is one those you really like or you really hate and I don't do reviews on things "I really hate." so here is my Thoughts on Project Superpowers.1. For me it has some that same vibe as DCU's Terra Obscure vol 1 & 2 with most of the Charters in it .2. The story is good because it pick up years after World War Two when theses heroes for lack of better term just faded away into history where they are forgotten about as far fans go.3. like Terra Obscure fans don't have to go...

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My thoughts on DC Universe: Rebirth " The Clock Is Ticking." 0

Here is my thoughts on DCU Rebirth in one word that is "Epic".... Yes "Epic" in 30 plus years I have been collecting /reading Comics from 1989 until now I have seen a lot of good comic arcs like the 1st "52/ Countdown" or "The Protectors", But this Arc is far beyond just good and here is why.1. It's not retelling of old arc like Civil War aka The Mutant Registration Act Part 2 so no one is phoning this in and it's feels new .2. It's not a reboot : This has feeling of not going back and saying "...

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My Thoughts on Future Quest: "How The Mighty Fall !" 0

My Thoughts on Future Quest: As being child of late 60s/ 70s I grew up watching Space Ghost , Bird Man and Frankenstein (created by Alex Toth) and I always thought that they should have been given their own Comic book Arc ,even team up with JLA /Super Friends (like Space Ghost Teaming up with Batman in: Batman The Brave and The Bold TV show.) even if it's an one shot cross over Via Multiversity plot device , but moving on I thought the Future Quest is "OK" like the Old DC Impact Comics so yo...

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My thoughts on After Antarctica ... 0

My thoughts on Alan Moore's Terra Obscura : After Antarctica are this .1. It's not as good like V for Vendetta or Watchmen, but it's still a fun read with older golden-age super heroes brought into the modern times.2. The story is sold and Not over worked.3. You care about Charters without needing to know a whole lot of back store or their History from the other comics like Whiz Comics ( though it could not hurt to know .) ....So that is why I'm giving this whole arc 4 out of 5 Stars. ...

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My thoughts for House of Heroes . 0

My Thought on House of Heroes are it's a fun read with a lot of hidden Gems in it .Manly it has the feel of the old school DC "The Brave and The Bold" arc with a bit of Marvels "What if." Arc where old / obscure of DCU gets some love by getting really good stories out of it from mind and pen of Grant Morrison Aka The Writer ( Who dies in Suicide Squad #58) lol check out , but moving on with The Multiversity/ House of Heroes arc I find amazing that I would care about Charters like Captain Carrot ...

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