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Writing challenge : Superman punches Lex Luthor

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Hey gang I have a Writing challenge : Superman punches Lex Luthor . Here is how this challenge would go , for those who like to do it , You must write a story with the ending of the story that Superman punches Lex Luthor . Now it can be as long or short but not too short , It's Got have start , middle & then the end . So who is up for this challenge?

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Is Teen Lantern nothing more Riri Williams 2.0

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Hey for all LG Boys / Gals out there & all you Young Justice Fans too I just happens too see Mr. Brian Michael Bendis just took over YJ Arc and introduce Teen Lantern , which I read her profile on Comic Vine , which read like this "She is young black girl of 14 or 15 who hacked into Green Lantern Power Battery ." OK now lets look at Riri she is /was a 15 year old MIT Student who design an Iron Man suit by stealing and or hacking please see link be low : .

Now I know what some of you may be thinking and you would be wrong so let me clear something with Mr. Bendis & his friend / Fans shall we . No I'm not a Russian bot or Troll . No I'm not old white guy living at home with his mom . No I'm date Black woman Kenya & I'm an older white man. so let's NOT throw words out with "ism" on the end of them and let just stick with the facts OK? Good my 1st question is if to to be come a Green Lantern a power ring most chose it's next wearer (now the only that did Not happen with is the golden age Green Lantern Alan Scott or Gil Broome aka Steam Lantern ) so how did get her power ring ? my next question if the Green Lantern Power Battery is on the planet Oa or A Pocket Dimension how could get access to hack it ? Next Question has Mr. Bendis read any GL comics ( if not he may want read some Geoff Johns: ) so he may understand better how being Green Lantern works ? last question if Riri did not over in Marvel why would Teen Lantern / Rir 2.0 work in DC? Now here is my thoughts let put Teen Lantern / Rir 2.0 to reset and come up with something new OK ?


Multiversity and Old Heroes get a new life in Comics Books


I just got done reading the 4th Issue with in The Multiversity arc Which really got my DC Fanboy Flag flapping a lot .Not just because of the nod toward to The Watchmen ,but more to old Charlton Hero Vincent Harley aka Yellow jacket (from 1944 until early 1960's) getting of plot device roll with in the arc . So this kind of begs the question (No I'm not talking about Vic Sage aka The Question) lol so who would you pick or want to see DC pull out old school heroes / Public Domain I.E like The Clock ,Captain Triumph ETC?

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who do you want to see in a cross over ?

Who do you want to see in crossover arc that has not been in one and why?

Please make it one hero or heroes that has never been in one before so like No Batman vs Captain American as Example. And it can be right out of Left field .


Is Scooby Apocalypse & Wacky Raceland in the same Earth/Timeline ?

I think that both Scooby Apocalypse and Wacky Raceland share the same Earth/Timeline in the DCU, because they both take place in a Post Apocalyptic Earth and time line ,and after reading both arcs at the same time I can easily see how they both could without need a plot device for a crossover story arc .

So my question is are they or are they not if why you they are /are not?