Possible Black Lantern???

Most of us have seen image for Blackest Night and the Black Lantern Corps and so far we have seen Kal-L, Arthur Curry, Martian Manhunter, Deadman, The original Firestorm, Black Hand, and more ( but the ones i listed are the big ones).  However, there is someone that people are probably thinkning about... Bruce Wayne....

Yes the dead Batman could play a roll in the upcoming Blackest Night.  There was a promo cover fro Green Lantern you see Black Hand over Bruce Wayne's supposed grave which brings ups questions....
ooooo creepy
ooooo creepy


Barry Allen ranked 78 for Super Speed!

Barry Allen is ranked 78, really... in the most recent issue of Flash: Rebirth is shows Superman and Barry racing.  The two are close when Superman says he won some of those races.  Then Barry goes they were charity and just shoots like so far in front.  So i think everyone should start voting for Barry to move from his 78 spot.  Go Barry!!!



What Happened to the Joker?!

Everyone knows about all of the new Batman titles out there.  They are are showing ome new villians and older villians like Two-Face and Penguin but where the heck is the Joker.  I mean really he is the Batman's geatest villian and shouldn't he be testing the new Batman, not other villians, he should.  However, in a new cover of Batman and Robin shows a "new" Red Hood and a mysterious woman next to him.  Maybe this Red Hood is Joker in a disguise because sincethe real batman is gne he feels that he should fight the origanal as Joker and maybe the new one as his old self Red Hood.  Hopefully we find out if I am right our wrong but no matter what happens hopefully the new Batman doesn't screw everything up... WAIT! maybe that girl with red hood is Harley Quinn in disguise??? Another question that will hopefully be answered....

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