What I'm Reading.

Most of you probably don't give a hot #$%^ about what I'm reading. But, many of you also know that I tend to not read much Marvel/DC. Instead, I usually prefer Image, smaller titles, or really whatever tickles my fancy at any particular moment.

Hopefully, I'll actually get around to updating this list every week or two, but at any given moment I can be working on anywhere from five to ten series simultaneously.

List items

  • Absolutely amazing, everyone should take a look at this one.

  • Finished Volume 5. Not sure how I feel about it. It was definitely amazing, but the series just keeps blowing my mind as to what may or may not happen.

  • This one I'm still only partway through. The Silent Blade is refreshingly better than Passage to Dawn though. Considering I'm 11 books in and only have 2/3rds of one book to complain about, I'd say Salvatore is doing a pretty good time.

  • I've read every volume they've currently released. I don't track any comic issue to issue, as I just finish them too fast. So currently, I'm about two or three months behind.

    Needless to say, with the exception of maybe the third volume of Shadowman, I've enjoyed everything they've released. Still not sure how I feel about Doctor Mirage, but I'll give it one more volume.

  • I'm on the 8th Ultimate Collection. The combination of cheesy and cutting edge is just amazing in this series. I love the characters, and there is a sense of realism amongst the ridiculousness.

  • Finally, Volume 2 was available. Spawn is actually kinda cheesy among the earlier issues, or at least cheesier than I remember. You can definitely see the MacFarlane fighting to stray from classic comic book stylistics.

  • Going to re-read this one. I've got both Omnibus and think I'll give it another read.

    For those who haven't read this, it's an excellent combination of classic DC cheesiness, and epic story-telling.

  • I picked this up ages ago and never got around to reading it. So, just starting it now.

  • I'm actually reading the novel series, but will be ordering the graphic novels pretty soon to compliment my collection. It's actually really really awesome.