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A Girl Amongst the Bones 0

What a great Story!  The beginning is really something you don't expect, because the issue starts with narration like a fairy tale, and very awesome art to go along with it.  The story goes in to Laura's thoughts, made a weapon, while they were expecting a boy she did just fine.  Wolverine brings Laura along to New York, to a case of missing De-powered mutants, summoned by Jubilee.  But Laura just runs in to the streets of New York, this one shot is about X-23, and not the case of missing mutant...

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Diving In Sewer!? 0

 This story is action packed, and cramped.  Joe and  Chakk were being persecuted by the Deathcoats, but to their good luck they appeared in front of Fireface (A Drakka Submarine pirate/hunter) . Who was going to shoot them but instead started shooting the Deathcoats with the submarines, and ends up helping Joe and Chakk.  Fireface is surprised to see Joe, maybe its part of the prophecy that Lord Arc told him in the previous issue.  The submarines dive in to the sewers, eww gross.  Then some sort...

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The Queen of Prom. 0

   For some reason Pixie, Armor, Mercury, and X-23 are stuck in some sort of illusion and think they are going to attend a Dazzler concert. I am not quite sure if the girls are in the illusion physically or just mentally, since Blindfold was in the last issue with the girls but then found in the girls bathroom, by Anole and Rockslide.  All the people attending the concert are really demons in disguise.  The demons are trying to awaken the darkness with in Pixies soul and will see how that goes. ...

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Home Sweet X-Mansion. 1

After time porting in to the distant future and then jumping to the not so distance past. Hope and Cable kept getting closer and closer to the present time.  Not far behind them is Bishop, who says that Hope is the one responsible for his catastrophic future.  The story starts in the early 1930s and the duo arrives in what seems is going to be a drive by. Gangsters and their drives-by, Ay dios mio. LOL. Well guns are shot, Hope blows up her second car, and Cable takes them  in another time jump....

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Chronicles of Nation X : I 2

Instead of going in to detail of events of this Issue, like i usually do on my reviews, I will tell you which one was my favorite story and why this issue gets a 4 on my behalf.  The plot summary does a well job of describing the individual stories, it would be redundant for me to do the same thing.  My Favorite one is drum-roll...... Unresolved Issues.....woot woot. Armos Vs. Danger Fight.  I tough it was really cool how the conversation led to a battle. A one sided battle, because danger was j...

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GIve up my Dead? Not likely. 0

     An X-Team, made up by Rogue, Magneto, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Husk, Blindfold, and Trance, and an additional Destiny.  Rouge has to do a lot of saving as the rest of the X-Men are all under the control of Proteus, and woof those she do the saving.  While on the outskirts of the earth atmosphere, Magneto is confronting the controlled  blindfold on a piece of rock.         Then the UFC fighters show up...... oh wait that was just an advertisement. Booo. The piece of rock where Magne...

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Arrival into Black Rome. 0

     The preparations to have Selene ascend in Goddess hood are all set, and with the return of her knife and capture of Warpath everything is going well.  Selene finds it necessary to eliminate one of the members from her Inner Circle.  While only four miles away X-Force arrives, and right away Rahne is shaken by the memories that this place brings her back. X-force realizes that ol' lady luck is not on their side when it comes to numbers, at all.      Back in Black Rome, Selene explains the im...

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Feather Forest whaaaaaaat? 2

     The continuing story of Joe is getting really interesting. Last issue we got to see a glimpse of this new world that Joe has entered, but is he really there, is my question.  It seems that now we get the sense that he is in both places at once. Last issue he stumbled into this place, and in this issues he is barely finding out what is going on in this place. As of right now Joe is being chased by Deathcoats, but its not all bad he has found a sort of companion on the warrior Chakk. A giant...

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The Secret of Mt. Tamalpais 3

In this Issue Cyclops and Emma visit Magneto on top of Mt. Tamalpais where he seems to be meditating. But what exactly is he meditating about?  On the other hand in New York, Psylocke, Wolverine, and Colossus not only found a new threat but are going up against them.  They seem to be a group of unknown super power freaks who know a lot about the X-Men, and are responsible for the Predators X attack on Utopia. The X-Men seem to have gotten more than they had bargained for while going up against t...

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