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I miss the X-Men =(

Why do i miss the x-men, You may ask. Well the reason is that, while i was following all of the x-men comic books like a religion for a couple of months. Now that Second coming started, I had to stop reading them do to financial issues. Ah the story of my life and so many others.  In a way I am still keeping up with their events thanks to none other than comic vine, but i do miss my excited trips to the comic store every week and pick out of the shelf anything and everything with the X- in front of it.  I havent picked up anything thing from April and now its already may.  Maybe i should start mowing lawns to get my fix of X-men. So if anyone needs their lawn mowed, I work for comics. jajajajaj.
  Doesn't it just suck when something throws a wrench in to your comic reading. Well it truly does suck and major. Well I am going to go swimming now because I am bored and I have gone through old issues already today. Maybe when I become an Olympics medalist I will get paid to swim and then I will take over the world, or buy comics again. jejejeje
Has this ever hapend to anyone you start reading and then oh shit you can't continue to buy the issues for some reason or another?