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So far so Great!! 2

Build up to this Issue (Quoted from the pre-issue summary)Rick Jones,Possessor of Tremendous Cosmic power, Was chosen by the Watcher as the savior of all Universes. Rick, Meanwhile, Has other things on his mind. (Burgers, mostly) But when the Watcher teleported Rick across the Galaxy and into the Chitauri/Kree war, And the Gah Lak Tus swarm arrived in the midst of it all, Rick was forced to face the fact that perhaps he truly is the champion of all creation. And the Galactus swarm wasn't the o...

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A Complete Blast!!! 0

Overview.So when this title was first released it was pretty Mediocre, Around the time they changed the artist to Kenneth. This title has picked up to be one of my favorite ongoing's. I can say with much truth, this is currently the best superman title.Story (Spoilers)This Issue continues from last Issue, It opens with this artificially created female know as the Hive Queen, Claiming she bring new birth to humanity, she requests to another member of the Hive that he bring her Hector Hammond a...

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This series should be pretty terrible, But I gotta say I'm loving it 0

Brief Story (Minor Spoilers)The Issue opens with Vibe running away from soldiers of Argus, Vibe is escaping with an inter-dimensional fugitive named "Gypsy" *, Amanda Waller sends her team (The Suicide Squad) to deal with Vibe. The Team confront Vibe and Gypsy after a long battle, The Suicide Squad is victorious, Vibe and Gypsy are taken back to Argus and Imprisoned.My ThoughtsThe Good.The Relationship between Vibe and Gypsy The Way the make Vibe fight for what he believes in, Rather than makin...

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It Should'nt have Worked, Yet it did 0

OverviewWhen first hearing the many plot to this story "Doc Ock swaps Body's with Peter and becomes Spiderman"I was a bit What the..... After adjusting to the fact I decided to give it a shot, I bought the TBP, and I was amazed, Dan Slott really pulled it off. He made it believable and enjoyable. One of the things I loved about this book was the way if you went into the book not having a clue that Doc Ock had swapped his Body's with Peter and became Spiderman you notice that there was a strong p...

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Funny and Enjoyable, But Slightly "Over the top" 0

OverviewThis issue starts quite badly, Once it get going it's quite fun. I thought the venture into space in the begging of the Issue was pointlessThe Art and WritingThe art was average and so was the writingThe Good and the BadThe GoodKid Loki Prodigy Noh-Varr and Kate BishopThe HumorThe BadThe Unrealisim Slow and pointless startthe cover kinda sucksWould I buy it again?I would buy it again, but I am not going to continue this series...

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Really Disapointing 8

OverviewI know your fingers must be Itching to right some hate, But Here are my views I know alot you might disagree That being said...... I had very High hopes for this series with Greg Pak and Jae Lee. I thought the Issue was hard to follow, Uneventful and Un-Enjoyable Art and WritingThe art was beautiful, The writing was disappointing for the level the art was.The Good and the BadThe GoodThe ArtThe Costume The Bit when Earth 2 Batman a Kryptonite Force FieldThe BadThe Start Slow "Movingness...

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This Title Just gets Better and Better!! 12

OverviewI am Really Digging this title, It has a sort of "Black Ops" Feel, And this issue Really doesn't disappointThe Tension built up, The Art, The writing. It is By far the best Issue of the Series, I can't wait for Issue 6#The Art and WritingThe art works perfectly with the style of the book, Nick Spencer and Luke Ross are like Chalk and CheeseThe Good and the BadThe GoodThe ArtThe WritingThe Tension built upThe DialogueThe Ending (I won't spoil it)The Bad No complaints hereIs it Worth th...

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Not the Best Issue yet..... 3

Overview So my Problem with this Issue is Nothing Happened with any meaning to anything, You could Skip that Issue and still be completely Understanding the storyThe Art And Writing As Normal the art was fantastic, The Writing was MediocreThe Good and the BadThe Good The Art (Sara Pichelli is Great)The Variant Covers (They are so cool)The Gamora and Maxilin the Accuser fight seen was so coolThe HumourThe BadThe whole Gamora and Tony Stark "Romance scene" seemed unnecessary, And I mean its only ...

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