Worst Changes to a character!!

This is my 50th list!

List items

  • Pre 52 Awesome, New 52 he looks nothing like his old self, Why did they need to change him he already had a massive fan-base.Hopefully it won't be long before this monstrosity is retconned as another imposter or something please DC!!

  • Okay so in the new 52....He was never Robin and has had a pointless costume change and is annoying.

  • She was a great character until they did that whole affair with Norman Osbourne, I mean what the hell!

  • Even know he wasn't changed in main continuity this still counts as a change. Iron Man 3 That film, Nuff Said

  • Before the hate comes in, I am referring to his costume. I agree ditching the red pants was a good idea but the new weird armoured texture look just doesn't work and they way the suit is so shiny it looks like its polished regularly.

  • She used to be a cool supervillain and white queen of the hellfire club, now she is just some unnecessary hero. I loved Morrisons run but this....

  • She used to be a cool of the teen titans now she just in a pointless team. Like everyone would prefer a red hood title rather than Red Hood and the outlaws.

  • I liked him as field leader of the X-men then....He killed professor X and became a fugitive!?

  • I don't know if you will agree but I personally like him as a supervillain I just can't see him as a hero.

  • She should be a member of the X-men but she is now with Cyclops clan I mean what?!