I will be posting a new list up soon.

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The Order I rate the "Spidermen"

List items

  • 616 Spiderman. Favorite interpretation Original Spiderman comics

  • 1610 Peter Parker. I thought this interpretation was very interesting It's a shame he died in the the Ultimate Universe but I guess miles is something new.

  • 2099 Spiderman. I find this version of the character new and exciting I look forward to seeing how Dan Slott depicts him

  • 616 Superior Spiderman. I think it was a cool idea and a nice change but I do miss Peter I don't see this Spiderman as Superior more like Inferior Spiderman.

  • 1610 current Spiderman. Granted this character is a new and interesting take but I must say the recycling of the classic Spiderman origin felt cheap and I would much prefer if they had did something new I must say he is overrated.