My Top 10 Favorite Villains

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  • I find him a very interesting villain, His love for death, His origin,The Infinity Gauntlet.I look forward to him in Infinity

  • My Favorite X-men villains.I look forward to seeing how they are depicted in X-men days of future past.

  • A very interesting villain. I love his new look in the New 52 and I look forward to reading his Villain month Issue as well as his appearance in forever evil.

  • I am big fan of Abin Sur, so naturally I like Amon Sur, He is my favorite member of the Sinestro corps and my favorite lantern villain. Hopefully he can be the primary villain if they do a Green Lantern reboot, I enjoyed his portrayal in Green Lantern rise of the Manhunters. I hope to see him appear in the New 52 soon.

  • I find a Great character, his paranormal powers. I was glad to see his Easter Egg in the Amazing Spiderman video game, And I hope he appears in live action films to come.