I will be posting a new list up soon.

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My Predictions for 2014 Comics

List items

  • With Nightwings identity revealed to the world.I think he will change his hero name and costume I think this because in the Batman Eternal pic there is a man shown with blond hair behind Batman I think that will be Dick Grayson.

  • I think she will become her own here the one snyder teased

  • I think Peter Parker will be back after Goblin Nation. Around june to coincide with pre-film fans

  • I think Marvel has big plans for him next year I think he will join a team maybe Guardians or Avengers

  • I think he will return as a repercussion of Forever Evil

  • I think Hank Pym will return to being Ant-Man

  • I think Richard Rider will return, This was hinted at in Guardians of the Galaxy 5#

  • I think they will introduce a load of new titles (Lobo,Shazam,Martian Manhunter,Zatanna)

  • Will Leave JlD and join Justice League

  • will die