I will be posting a new list up soon.

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My New Top 10 Batman Villians

Last time I did one of these it was ages ago and of course it has changed a lot so much so I decided to make a new list rather than editing my current so here it is my top 10 batman villians!..

List items

  • As if this is a surprise..... the reason Joker finds his way on to this list is he is one of the only villians who has really pushed there hero, Joker tests Batman do not kill idea he killed Jason Todd, Paralysed Barbra Gordon. A like to many characters on this list I do prefer his new 52 counter part I am not huge fan of this sort of "glue on face thing". I like the Arkham Joker (Mark Hamill or Troy Baker). I thought Heath Ledger portrayed him well but as a film I really didn't enjoy The Dark Knight,Haters gonna hate.

  • There are a view things which secure Ra's a place so high on this list. One being the fact that he ha's a similar goal to Batman to rid Earth or corruption, Although Batman is on a smaller scale but Ra's methods are what make him interesting. I like how he is Damians Grandfather. I actually really like how his orgin was told in Batman Begins I like the fact that he trained Batman I feel that added a lot of depth.

  • What I like about Mr Freeze is that in this list there are Pycos and lunatics but Mr Freezes intentions are good he just wants to save her wife's life. I think the costume design Is fantastic.But I do have a grip, His New 52 orgin is not that good I think it loses some of the characters sympathy, My Favorite Orgin for him is his B:TAS interpretation.

  • I really like Jervis Tetch I think it is a clever concept however I slightly feel that he very similar to the Joker in manner but I do like his obbseviveness.

  • I have always liked Man-Bat how it is a play on words the whole idea I think is awesome the only reason he is not higher is because he lacks substance to be major villian

  • pre 52