My Ideal Sequel Plan for the Amazing Spiderman franchise

For those who check out my other list with a similar title on the avengers this list will be fairly similar.

(If you haven't and would like to here it is)

So this is from the third film onwards I will try to keep it realistic in a movie and comic friendly.

List items

  • The Amazing Spiderman 3:

    Oscorp orchestrate a sinister six in order to capture Peter Parker and use his DNA to cure a dying Osborn.

    Film Introduces:

    Jonah J Jameson JR

    Daily Bugle

    Mary Jane

  • The Amazing Spiderman 4:

    After Oscorps downfall in Amazing Spiderman 3 one of their failed experiments would break lose (The Sympoite) It would find Parker as its host and he would become Sympoite Spiderman,He will be greatly more powerful and strong.The film would feature Kraven as its villian but he would be edited for the film.The film would end with the symbiote linking to Parkers old Friend Eddie Brock.

    The Film would introduce:

    Ben Urich as a reporter

    Cletus Kassady as psycho spider-man confronts

  • Amazing Spiderman 5:

    Venom would be the antagonist trying to kill Peter the middle would feature the birth of Carnage.At the end Venom would team up with Spider-Man to defeat Carnage beginning Eddie Brock journey to heroism.

  • Spinoff Movie: Venom

    Eddie Brock is desperate to be rid of the symbiote and is aided by Wilson Fisk who gives Eddie procedure to prevent the symbiote from growing but as a result bonds permanently to him.Eddie now has control over the suit in a slicker design (Like Flash Thompson Venom) and targets Fisk who tricked him.The film would end with Wilson Fisk having a portion of the symbiote he is testing on it to finds its origin and discovers that it was originally from a satellite which crashed after a journey from a mysterious planet named Battle-World.

    The Film would introduce:

    John Jameson

    Wilson Fisk

  • Amazing Spiderman 6:

    Spider-Man is troubled by his troubled by his time occupying the symbiote and his break up with Mary Jane.He soon meets a robber named black cat who he is smitten by.The films antagonists would be Black Cat and Mysterio.

    Film would introduce:

    Mattie Franklin (A student)

    Black Cat


  • Spin Off Movie: Venom 2

    Venom's Back is angry after Fisk betrayed him and is keen to learn about the symbiote.He knows Fisk took some of the symbiote and is keen to retrieve it the film's antagonists are:

    Wilson Fisk

    Mister Negative

  • Amazing Spiderman 7:

    While investigating Green Goblins Wilson Fisk empire,Phil Urich as a reporter stumbles across the Green Goblins lair he is met by Harry Osborn who gas's him in the same gas which transformed Norman

    Harry and Phil Become Green Goblin and Hobgoblin to take down Spiderman. Black Cat and Spiderman team-up to take down the threat

  • Amazing Spiderman 8:

    Wilson Fisk discovers the identity of Spider-Man and takes a hit on aunt may, Aunt May is in hospital and Peter blames himself and gives up being spiderman.Venom and Black Cat team-up to fight Wilson (Named Kingpin) Spiderman then decides to join them in one last fight.The film would end with Venoms Death.

  • Ultimate Spiderman 1: (Replaces Amazing Spiderman)

    A new costume and returning to being spidey and Aunt-May recovering Peter has it all.Until a villian arises from spidey past the mysterious Man-Wolf

  • Ultimate Spiderman 2:

    trying to discover Man-Wolf's origin Peter discovers Jackal a villian who has created a mirror spider-man Ben Reilly.

    Ben rebels against Jackal and teams up with peter to defeat him.But Ben seemingly disappears.....

  • Spin-Off Movie:Scarlet Spider

    unsure of who he is if he is a villian or hero Bens back and is faced with a new villian:Chameleon

  • Ultimate Spiderman 3:

    Kraven returns think it was spidey who killed his brother chameleon (When it was actually Ben) And takes a mortal hit on Spiderman the film would end with Peter grave and a hand coming out covered in the symbiote a homage to cover of Kravens Last Hunt.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man 4:

    Everyone knows Peter is Spiderman and Mourns his death meanwhile a new venom appears (Who is Peter) and teams up with Black Cat to fight Kraven to the death.Meanwhile a new spidey shows up in town who is actually Mattie Franklin.Peter decides to kill the symbiote which results in Parkers death as the symbiote was keeping him alive. The film ends with Peter returning To Uncle Ben to watch over the new spiderman Mattie Franklin.