Movies I want for Phase 3 (Marvel)

So the only film they have confirmed for Phase 3 is Ant-Man.

This List will be about other films which I think deserve a place in Marvels Phase 3

For purposes of this list I will only include newcomers no Thor 3 etc.

List items

  • A team up film,exploring their lives after or before the events of Avengers 2, the characters have alot of potential.

  • I think this one would work having him as a villain at first then becoming a hero.

  • This one is arguable but....

    I think it would work better than having a Young Avengers film because it would have less of a cheesiness to it.I think it should have a mix between the Young Avengers team and the New Warriors team.

  • I space epic with tie ins to the Guardians,would feature Richard Rider

  • This movie has tons of rumors around it,

    And most likely will happen.

  • Again this most likely will happen but I think it would be so cool

  • It would be quite cool at the end of Avengers:Age of Ultron. Vision joins the team leading into his own film.