I will be posting a new list up soon.

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Characters,Objects and Locations I want to reappear in The New 52

These are a selection of Characters, Who have of yet to appear in DC's wide reboot the new 52.

Each Character,Location or object.. If I mention a character who has already reappeared please let me no in the comments or PM me.

I would love to hear what characters you would like to bring back to.

List items

  • I would love Wally to reappear,as Flash or preferably has Impulse. I am sure they will eventually bring him back as he is a fan Favorite.

  • He is a great cool looking character, I hope to see him reappear in the New 52 soon.

  • I love the Idea of different color Kryptonites, this could make a cool story arc too.

  • I know little about this character, But he seem cool and I would love to get to know this character better. If he was introduced into the Earth 2 title that would be very cool

  • I really love this character, I would love to see him have a role in Sinestro corps and hope to see him return.