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Hiya guys and gals, I've been thinking recently that it could be fun to create a superhero for either Marvel or DC. Make sure that you add their powers and at least one weakness because all superheroes have at least one, be fun and add a backstory and their villain/enemy too for a laugh. Don't give them rude names and horrible powers and if you want they can be supervillains instead.

Mine would be AirBlast

His back story would be as follows:

Ryan Pollok was a 17 year old, born into wealth but he was sent to public school. He was always bullied and he grew an undying hatred for his parents for tormenting him with sending him to public school. Other than that Ryan was always kind, he was popular and loved his girlfriend Wendy Julia. On Ryan's 18th Birthday he and Wendy went on holiday to Ryan's parent's lodge in the mountains of Thailand. When he arrived his parents called him and told him that he needed to climb to the top of the mountain to claim his families fortune and that would allow him to be his own man. He left Wendy at the lodge and did so, when he reached the top he found a great chest which hadn't been touched by snow. He opened it and saw a white suit and a note. The note read: "If you're reading this Ryan that means we are dead. It also means that you are in grave danger. Your father and I didn't earn our fame or inherit it, we stole it. I was a cop in Chicago and your father was a criminal named DeathWind, we worked together along with his friends DarkFlame, BlueEarth, and YellowWater. I always kept them out of trouble. We retired but since you're reading this the other three have came to kill us. When you put this suit on you will receive the powers of DeathWind. You are too kind to follow in your father's evil ways please do not do as we have done and be better than us. We love you Ryan." Ryan then put on the suit and realised he had the unimaginable powers of the element of air.

Powers: Manipulation of air currents, flight, the ability to throw balls of condensed air at opponents, able to travel at fast speeds, able to control the speed of the air around him and is able to control the temperature of air.

Enemies: DarkFlame: He can control fire and create fire from nothing, BlueEarth: She can control earth and metalls and ores found in the planets core, YellowWater: He can manipulate water, turn it into ice or boil it at unimaginable temperatures.

Disclaimer: I understand this is similiar to Avatar with the different elements but this is just fun and games and to clarify I only realised that it was similar to Avatar after I proof read it.

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Hiya guys and gals I know this may be a long shot but I play Warframe on the Xbox One and I'm wondering if anyone wants to play with me, my Gamertag Is Shazam The Jedi, I am usually on most days I am MR12 and need some guys to play with, I'm british so it would be easier to add me if you are british too. Message me on Xbox first saying that you found me from here and I'll add you.

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I have seen a few theories that the flash gets lost in the speed force in the future but I would like some more theories, post them below please guys.

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The problem with this is how far does The Immortal Hulk's immortality actually go? Is he immortal age wise meaning no matter how old he is he will never grow and die of old age or is he indestructible because if he is indestructible then in theory no one will ever defeat him, but should it be a case he is not indestructible then Wally would win be it using time travel, infinite mass punches or even just phasing through the hulks, the hulk and almost all of his counterparts are too slow.

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One Punch Man seems to have no limits he can simply destroy anyone with one punch so I am intrigued to see what others think about who could defeat him. Some rules:

1. No time travel as anyone who can time travel would just go back in time and kill him as a child.

2. You cannot put him up against himself as he would still win regardless.

3. Remember it can only be one person against him, even though he could probably take on more at once let's make it fair.

4. Remember that you can have anyone from any universe, DC, Marvel, Anime, anything.

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Zombie Apocalypse,

Now with this explanation I am assuming that the zombies run like an average human being and are capable of climbing over moderate sized walls. My survival idea would be as follows: Zombies die when stabbed/shot/hit hard enough in the head so that is always something to remember. To set the scene let's say I live in a city.

1. I would find a weapon, a long bladed knife or baseball bat would do to start with and get a backpack so I can carry food and potentially ammunition.

2. I would either clear a path or find a clear path to get to a vehicle.

3. I would then leave the city and go and grab some supplies from a house either on the outskirts or somewhere further away.

4. After resupplying I would then either walk or drive to a small village. (Fuel still matters in the apocalypse.)

5. Once at the small village I would clear it of any threats if there was less than 50 zombies which I could take out without being noticed, you never want to be overrun by zombies.

6. After doing this I would find some seeds and a sufficient water source and begin growing food, I would then find another vehicle and travel to find materials like metal, wood, cement so that I could build a wall around the village.

7. After a while I would be able to become self sufficient and would eventually find other survivors and we would be able to survive, co-exist and slowly rebuild humanity.

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Everyone who has played a zombie game or apocalypse game has at least once contemplated, how would I actually survive this? This thread is for that. There is quite a few different apocalypses the obvious being a Zombie apocalypse, Nuclear apocalypse and Alien apocalypse. When you answer please start off with what apocalypse you are proposing a way to survive in.

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I used to work for a top secret military facility with about 38 of us all working on one common goal, time travel. As a child I always wanted to be able to travel back in time to see history itself, I always dreamed of meeting King Arthur and the knights of the round table, I always wanted to be able to see what happened at the dawn of time. That was our mission, to find solid evidence of how our world came to be, how our universe came to be. I wish we hadn't of even tried.

We had every single item, chemical and element to our disposal until one day I had an idea. I am not going to share too much information as I do not want anyone to ever re attempt this. We built something called a particle fission device and then paired it up with a Nuclear Particle Reactor. I was part of the team expected to go 'back in time' to research how the universe came to be. We powered up the time machine unsure it would work so we sent 18 GPS chips in and sure enough when we attempted to locate them we had an extremely faint signal which we picked up from a satellite near Jupiter. I was then sent in. Everything was dark and my flashlight didn't work, there was no sun, no moon, no planets and no stars. I did a full 360 turn but saw nothing, I looked down and saw a very faint distant yellow light. I attempted to use my radio but had a sharp high pitched noise return instead. I slowly hovered to the light to see it was one of the GPS' I then began to hover back up to the portal to go back to the future but saw a dark mass sweep past it. I realised that I was breathing heavily as I was scared so I tried to move back to the portal as quickly as possible and then I saw it. The dark mass appeared in front of me, I looked at it and it released a blood curdling scream, I looked away and saw that I was in a room with this dark entity, I ran to the portal and it spoke.

"Before life, there was death. And before death there was nothing. There is no salvation. When your life ends you will join us."

When I returned they shut the program down and destroyed every single molecule which was to do with the mission.

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In terms of importance if you mean their importance to the Justice League it would be Batman as he was the one who built the watchtower he is also one of the smartest characters in the whole universe. He has also came toe to toe with Superman but that's beside the point. Now everyone is saying that Superman is the most important but why? In the shows he is esteemed as a god but there are many Justice Leaguer's that match him in strength. He is not detrimental to the DCEU, the Flash beat Braniac, The Atom stopped the alien spider robots by causing the heart attack, Wonder Woman travelled to tartarus to stop Faust, I mean even an almost forgettable character Elongated Man stopped that Lightning Wizard when all of the Justice League tried to stop him (including Superman). This isn't to say that Superman has no significant achievements by any means but it is to simply prove that he is not that important.

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If the film brings Captain Marvel/ Shazam to his full strengths then he would be on level with superman or just below him, as most fans know Superman is vulnerable to magic which is a source of Captain Marvel's power (hence the wizard Shazam), in comics and even the TV shows Captain Marvel is shown using some level of magical abilities, but as revealed by the trailers I doubt that Captain Marvel will possess the knowledge to even control any of those powers as Billy just becomes Captain Marvel. My theory is that unless there is at least two more films that come out regarding Captain Marvel then theatrically speaking he will be far below Superman in the scales of power. But in regards to this post Shazam may well beat Superman's movie debuts in regards to money and/or overall approval. As I have mentioned before in other threads Superman is more-so a fan favourite so he will most likely never be beaten to the point of being outranked by Shazam or possibly any other Leaguer. You must have seen the dreadful excuse of Superman VS Batman, they stopped the battle halfway through because of Martha but they stopped it because Batman was too close to defeating DC's Golden boy.

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