My biker mice figures

I've got some good and bad presents for bday and xmas over the past years but the biker mice figures i have really take the cake, i mean i have this Lawrence Limburger figure that must have come from some guys attic or god knows where, a vinnie that i can't even imagine what he's been through, a throttle and modo that are supposed to be from Argentina but have "Japanese" packaging and tons of things wrong with them. Whoever is the loser for responsible for Limburger's poor condition as well as Vinnie's must be a total fing moron for not taking care of their collectibles. My Limburger figure is as old and outdated as Rodney Dangerfield's "I get no respect" routine (I this is the owner's cruel idea of a joke? Sending me a Limburger figure that's been through hell and a vinnie figure that looks like a dog's been using it? What does he take me for...some kind of sap?). As a long time biker mice fan andd action figure collector- i prefer my figures in mint condition, inside the packaging, no damage and with a card with information in English, and the only undamaged ones i have are greasepit and karbunkle. I mean sheesh.....used limburger and vinnie? What the hell were they thinking? Limburger's always been my favourite but given the condition my toy of him is in i might consider changing him to least favourite character and also might consider removing Vinnie off my favourite character least too. I mean seriously, who in their right mind would send a pair of "used, damaged" biker mice figures? NO ONE THAT'S WHO! I'm going to give whoever sent me them a piece of my mind. I'm the ultimate biker mice fan ever....AND I'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF! I will not stand for this. Who's with me?

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