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The truth

Birth a time which one automaticly records in the recesses of the mind forever it marks the passing of time our lives move by the dictation of that one fatal period in which we the aftermath of a moment of passion breath the air.

My mind searches each day for that moment where my eyes found themselves free for what I now know to be my first and last taste of freedom and gentle kindness.

It is here that any doctor of notoriety would ask me how these feelings came to pass what is the root cause of these emotions this pain which I feel with the coming of each day.

Yes I am aware of the monotonus drill of questions which the so called great minds so freely toss without meaning at we the disturbed and shattered souls which are placed in their hands to be hidden and forgotten by those beyond the walls of the haven we so apply named ST. JOSEPHS INSTITUTION FOR THE CRIMMINALY INSANE.

And what does it mean to be insane? Passion is this insanity? the lie is that it is not as long as it causes no harm as long as it is accepted by the sheep which crawl along the rusted and decaying palace that is society.

The truth is that passion is unbound and must be allowed to breath without bondage I merely embrace this!

Cry revolutionary if you must a revolution is a disguse for failure a revolutionary eventually becomes what they hate and are toppled as quickly as they rise to power.

My cause is old I am the book keeper of memories I will re kindle life within you and bring you the true meaning of life after death!

For I am Reverand Maxwell Kane

and I have chosen you!

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