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Black Council

The following is a blue print for a team or rather a society which would function within the vine as a sub devison of The Hell Fire club

The Black council will be interested in compleat control of the Vine through subverison and secrecy

It will be devided in to high council members and subordonent officers

Possible suggestions for council members Firey Temper, Final Arrow, Gambler.

Membership will be decided through a vote of members with the final say falling to council members after discussion and view of the prospective members profile the applicant will recieve a message granting or denying them entry.

Once a member it is stressed that a person give no inclination that they have joined the council.

Furthermore, it is stressed that members create alternate charecters for use in the removing of threats to the council, however no killing or otherwise violent acts are to be carried out without the concent of High council members.

Villains are prefered however nutrals may recieve temporary membership as hired assasins and will be granted full protection by the council for their length of service.


Membership is for life any attempt to leave the council will result in termination

Secrecy is Law no information regurding council affairs is to be shared with anyone outside the council this will result in termination

Termination may take place without the knowlege of the target and will be carried out by an uknown

Membership in other orginizations is still valid

Members may deal with personal disputes as they wish however, should this altercation lead to violence the member will recieve no protection from the council unless granted by a high council member.

High Council membership may change but only through combat

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