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Days of suffering

My first recolections beyond the confines of birth and the final joy of the womb is simply that I am the dishonor most high before god my mother beautiful pious and fallen before all at my comming cried no tears of joy at my birth as blood poured from her and with an anguished wail of loss I came upon the world

Perhaps it was my mothers attempt at reconciliation or merely a desperate prayer for attention but at age ten I was placed into the care of the parish it was said that here I would recieve gods word and become a truly productive member of his kingdom with my final reward awaiting beyond the grave

It is here that I began to note the slow grey momentum at which the world travled men and woman both would rise eat and labor then sleep prepared with a false smile to repeat the cycle the next day.

Was this the great plan to rise from nothing and fall forever into it until the end? One would be forced into agreeing judging from the above description of my life

The day of my elivation began much like the cycle of any other day breakfast morining lessons and then a reading of the tetaments by Father Michale as I sat and listen to him drone on each commandment as if the very words made him sick or tired at speaking them, who was this fool this puppet of men how dare he stand in holy places and profess a knowledge of god I could no longer withstand it Liar I shouted fool you know nothing of the message you speak in truth sir you are the demon and god shall see you burn for this blasphyme I swear it!

I awoke seated in Father Michales chambers his face was flush and his eyes danced in his head you young idiot he stammered you bastard you are here because no other part of society will have you you and that whore of a mother!

I should be blessed for even tolerating you his face softend a touch as he raised a stick with his left hand so you understand god do you my young maximilian then you must understand that god is vengfull and will punish false prophets through his servents he sent the stick down strange but as it fell it slowly burned to ash

I do not know its cause but very few saints can explain in detail the feeling or pretext of their inspiration but it was here that I knew god had blessed me I was the true prophet sent at last to burn the heathans

I rose before Father Michale proclaiming him a liar once more and placing my hand upon his head I cast forth his demons

his eyes danced in his head transfixed with fear or bliss neither truly matters but to god which this fool had not known until the moment of my devine intervention

I had freed him

and I shall free you to for it is my calling


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Black Council

The following is a blue print for a team or rather a society which would function within the vine as a sub devison of The Hell Fire club

The Black council will be interested in compleat control of the Vine through subverison and secrecy

It will be devided in to high council members and subordonent officers

Possible suggestions for council members Firey Temper, Final Arrow, Gambler.

Membership will be decided through a vote of members with the final say falling to council members after discussion and view of the prospective members profile the applicant will recieve a message granting or denying them entry.

Once a member it is stressed that a person give no inclination that they have joined the council.

Furthermore, it is stressed that members create alternate charecters for use in the removing of threats to the council, however no killing or otherwise violent acts are to be carried out without the concent of High council members.

Villains are prefered however nutrals may recieve temporary membership as hired assasins and will be granted full protection by the council for their length of service.


Membership is for life any attempt to leave the council will result in termination

Secrecy is Law no information regurding council affairs is to be shared with anyone outside the council this will result in termination

Termination may take place without the knowlege of the target and will be carried out by an uknown

Membership in other orginizations is still valid

Members may deal with personal disputes as they wish however, should this altercation lead to violence the member will recieve no protection from the council unless granted by a high council member.

High Council membership may change but only through combat

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The truth

Birth a time which one automaticly records in the recesses of the mind forever it marks the passing of time our lives move by the dictation of that one fatal period in which we the aftermath of a moment of passion breath the air.

My mind searches each day for that moment where my eyes found themselves free for what I now know to be my first and last taste of freedom and gentle kindness.

It is here that any doctor of notoriety would ask me how these feelings came to pass what is the root cause of these emotions this pain which I feel with the coming of each day.

Yes I am aware of the monotonus drill of questions which the so called great minds so freely toss without meaning at we the disturbed and shattered souls which are placed in their hands to be hidden and forgotten by those beyond the walls of the haven we so apply named ST. JOSEPHS INSTITUTION FOR THE CRIMMINALY INSANE.

And what does it mean to be insane? Passion is this insanity? the lie is that it is not as long as it causes no harm as long as it is accepted by the sheep which crawl along the rusted and decaying palace that is society.

The truth is that passion is unbound and must be allowed to breath without bondage I merely embrace this!

Cry revolutionary if you must a revolution is a disguse for failure a revolutionary eventually becomes what they hate and are toppled as quickly as they rise to power.

My cause is old I am the book keeper of memories I will re kindle life within you and bring you the true meaning of life after death!

For I am Reverand Maxwell Kane

and I have chosen you!

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