Nerds Vs. Geeks

I believe that there is an extreme difference between these two commonly used words. However, I have also heard them used in what I believe, in the wrong context. Allow me to expain. . . Nerds, in my opinion, are what I and anyone else associated with comic books, cartoons, anime, conventions, and superheroes are. Geeks, on the other hand, are more tech-savvy. They are the ones who do well in school, they are the ones who are called upon to fix computer problems and help with homework. Although both sides may share some of the same common facors, such as not doing well at sports, for some and are targeted by jocks and more popular crowds, I believe that both of these two words should be used in their correct context. Again, this is my opinion, I have had others disagree with me on this subject before, but there are some who have agreed.

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