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JLA Fail to deliver 0

It's been awhile since i have done a review so bare with me here!The good:As with previous issues there was more then enough action, mixed in with devlopment. We get an understanding of how regarded the JLA are and what the people think of them. We also get to see things from the eyes of their handler and how much leverage the JLA have. Bar that I don't have much more good to say about the issue, the art was pretty average in my eyes but it was not awful.The Bad:The characters don't seem any dif...

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Why Is Hal Awesome.... 1

Well let me start by saying that I kinda dropped Green Lantern after rebirth and kinda been coming in and out of Blackest Night and not really caring about Hal or any of the GL's again.  So I thought what the hell I will give this a chance and see what it had to offer and was I surprised. Now as always it never followed the origins story to the word but hell nowadays we have to just take that with a grain of salt when it comes to Animation or in fact any hero movie. The animation is fun and real...

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Fun, Fighting and Quick Wit 0

Dan Or GeminiFirst thing is first Gemini is not a classy comic nor is it going to change your life. What it will do is give an intresting spin on superheroes while making you smile. The story starts with us meeting Gemini in action doing what ever superhero does best laying a smack down on a villian while mocking him. But thats when the intresting stuff starts to happen as we cut back to three lab assistants sitting in a room watching the battle in front of them.You see Gemini is actually  Dan ...

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Not going to Lie 1

I hated Steph becoming Batgirl but now I I have been turned into a fan. This issue was one of the main turning points for me, Damien and her make a great back and forth. Batman finally starts to see her in a diffrent light and over all this actually made me laugh out loud at points. I think my main problem was dealing with the lose of Cassie but once you start to notice that Steph is a totally diffrent type of Batgirl to Cassie. Cassie is a fighter with lots of skill and Steph is finding her fee...

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Batman And Robin VS Redhood and Pig lady 0

So Great issue, Im really likeing the new feel to Batman, I was a bit worried when Dick took over the mantel and had Damien at his side but in all honesty this series has been great, I love the art and the dynamic that is growing between the two of them and the one happening between Todd and his new side kick, It all works well as we see the problems between the Grayson and Damien effecting their team work and im hoping this will grow into something great, The ending was not the best but I still...

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Hellsing 1, Not a bad start now what? 0

I have to  admit when I first read this issue about four years ago now, it left me with a need of wanting more, which is a good thing but it did not fully bring the characters to life. I always felt that something was missing from this issues that we later see. As a starting point it is fine, you get to meet Alucard and Integra, But you also meet Seras for the first time so all the players are here for you to see. Im just not sure if they understood the direction they where going with Alucard in...

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