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My Top Ten Non Cannon Story events.

My top ten Non cannon story arch to date. I thought this would be a fun list and also a guide to things that I enjoy to look at now and again. 

List items

  • Kingdom Come of course has to be in the top ten, I just love the art and the fall of the great heroes and the future they left behind. That mixed with the other heroes of olden times still fighting. Over all a great story.

  • 1602 was just brilliant, it was fun seeing such great characters placed in a different era and how they would act with the challenges of that time. It was something new and fresh that I really enjoyed reading.

  • This just seemed to have it all, this to me is Marvel's Kingdom come. The story and art epic on a whole new scale.

  • the JLA in one moment as all their villains attack at once. The story is great as Lex and Branic play of each other and the heroes fight back. I loved this every step of the way

  • One of the best things to come out of Marvel in a long time, Wolverine refuses to fight, Hawkeye is blind, the heroes are dead and the villians rule the earth. But with the Hulks after money from Wolverine's family he has no choice but to tag along with Hawkeye and get his pay little did he know what that would mean.

  • Im not a fan of the art, but I loved the story once again it was more about the characters and how they had changed then the actual over all plot. As far as DC stories of how the world could turn out this has more then earned a spot on my top ten.

  • Red Son: This makes it because of the memory I had reading it. You see I have never owned a copy and I really should. I was in Glasgow and wanted to blow some time waiting for my friend so I went into the local book shop and sat and read this from cover to cover. It's the ultimate twist on the cold war idea with Superman landing in Russia and not America how different would the world be, very fun to read and great art to back it up.

  • I loved everything about this the birth of Two face, Joker, Catwomen, Solomon Grundy everything is in here, A great story and the art work just seemed to work with this twisted tale.