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Posted, sorry sorry sorry it took so long.

Hope it was worth the wait.

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Coruscating lighting filled the night sky above the mysterious circle of upright stones of the 5,000-year-old monument of Stonehenge. It's true purpose lost for years, the rain poured down from unforgiving clouds as the house of arrow creaked into existence between the rocks, the lighting sparked furiously as the ancient dark lord began to walk out the front doors, a quick glance up at the sky ‘Enough of that’ and as if the atmosphere had heard him it began to shimmer down, the lighting cracked only within their own clouds, light danced between the darkness of the weather, causing a radiant display of illumination.

His white skin gleamed in the display and he could not help but smile at the story being told, the never-ending battle between light and dark, a battle he now himself fighting from inside. He had to put that aside, for now, he stood in front of all who had answered the call, some he knew, some he did not care for and others were new. Had Quietus grasp of fear grown so much already that it spanned time! Arrow looked between them all, had Quietus already taken control of some of them here, he found himself questioning all reason, this was not him, he always knew what he had to do, something was wrong. Arrow span around just in time to see the magical being of the house appear before him, his eyes widened as her hand entered his chest.

The pain was agonizing, but her smile grew and grew, her head tilting to the side taking him in for a moment and then façade dripped from her, “Oh Mr Lockhart, how weak you have become’, with her hand still in his chest she lifted him and threw him aside like he was nothing to her, the sound his body made as he hit one of the pillars of Stonehenge, radiated through the darkness, her eyes remained on those gathered before her, the plan slowly sinking in, for years she had twisted her way into him, chipped at his mind, building to this moment, built up a house of lies, invaded dreams and whispered in his ear for this moment. To not only be free but to stand in front of those who punished her for being nothing more than what she was born to be, a god, their god.

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She hid as his house, feeding him with piece of information as her power grew, never saying her real name until he said it himself, that lustful power entering her body, letting her become whole again, there was no need to let his magic keep her alive anymore, she had her own again, their thoughts giving her strength, just thinking about her gave her power and the more powerful the individual that thought of her the more powerful she became. Once she had entered their minds full, she could control them, take them and make them her disciples, they were all made to be ruled.

Her form finally completed, her raven black hair matched the sky above them, white skin as soft as the first fall of snow and a beauty that was unmatched, house so much power. She looked up before turning to the house that once imprisoned her and with one finger made it vanish from existence as if it had never been there. Arrow began to stand, lifting one hand he opened a portal at the edge of the ring of stones, black blood poured from his mouth as he coughed ‘Run you fools,’. Arrow glanced at DarkChild ‘Get Rina’ he mouthed before flying toward Quietus,

Shadows whipped around him, covering peoples escape, as he reached out for the god, he felt her hand on the side of his face, forcing him to the ground. The impact caused a creator to appear, his eyes became fuzzy. But she looked past him as if he was nothing looking at those already making their escape. ‘Who shall I make you kill first I wonder.’ She began to kneel down in front of him, still not making eye contact ‘You were always a good puppy,’ Arrow smiled at her, “woof’ the ground below her erupted as the children of Arrow exploded forth two dark balls of plasma hit her in the chest, blowing away part of her body. “That hurt’ she said with gritted teeth, the children ran towards her, slipping between each other, ready to fire again. As they went to strike, both of their bodies fell to the ground, their power flying back into Arrow, as he kneeled before her, she had him.

‘Who shall I kill first’, Quietus had returned and her army was already growing, her body already repaired, ‘Friends, all your friends my dear'. He turned on those who were still escaping, the shadows on the ground slowly began to take shape, dog like creatures began to pull their bodies from the ground like animals caught in tar, their teeth snarled to life as they charged forward, hunting their prey.

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Just waiting for others to get to Stonehenge

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@rina_redarrow: That was epic, perfect Rina. Loved cherry boots and smacking Arrows bum, No boundaries.

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The Naruto versions you have picked are too strong in my mind.

Team Naruto.

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Nice op.

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Arrow stood in the library of his house, it was never ending with twisting shelves of books, tattered and new, you could spend years in the vastness and never find an end. It was everything he had ever learned or worth taking note of, forgotten times and other worlds. Whoever entered the library would be met with a single ball of light, this would illuminate their journey and reading, each person would gain their own, just in case he had visitors. He sat in the empty chair and closed his eyes, several books landed before him and he let out a smile, these books where about him, the house had read his mind but did not give him the answers he was looking for, ‘Who am I’ the house seemed to creak nervously ‘House, these books are lies, APPEAR’ his voice crackled with power, raw dangerous power. For Arrow, even in his darkest of hours always had some level of control, when he was chaotic, there was always a design, something he knew the outcome of. But in this moment, he was lost.

A florescent blue mist began to build in front of him, swilling like a fountain about to explode, but instead, it formed her, the essence of the house, her entire body hummed with power, for she was magic in itself, the only other color was the deepest blacks within her eyes. She had taken the form of Lady Redhead, as she had no true form of her own, ‘Master’ she bowed her head low and looked away as she raised it again, ’The truth’. ‘It is my duty to protect you and the Arrow family’ she continued to look away, ‘I can..’ it all happened in a flash, Arrow had not just vanished from his chair but in the same instance, appeared and captured her by the arms, this would normally be impossible, but he had changed his body to the same magic as hers, in an instance, there he stood the Final Arrow of old, gone was the pin stripped suit he adorned for the humans, replaced by the armor of the shadow realm, she had searched his library to see what it was made from, but found nothing, she knew it to be light and almost unbreakable, it remaindered her of elven workmanship. his face now pale with a marble like gloss, showing the true power of his ruby eyes as they glared at the side of her.

‘Did you not think I would sense your magic on there too? LOOK AT ME’ She finally turned her head and he instantly let go, tears had filled her eyes, ‘I did not know you could cry’ he said, ‘Of course I can, I cannot tell you the truth, you are already changing, you would never have let go of me even if you had seen my tears, you would have laughed and licked them from my cheek, you don’t understand you need to be strong, you need to be what you made yourself…’ she had said too much, moving back she tried to vanish, but he had tied her to him when they touched. ‘House, you will show me or I will take the other memories you took out of the shard’. It was not an empty threat she knew this, sitting back down, ‘I need to know everything before I can continue, no one else will know’, ‘You must know this is not an easy thing you ask of me, you must know within yourself that you ordered me to hold this from you and from them’

Arrow mind was racing, what would he ever hide from himself, what would have made him want to protect others in this way, he held knowledge above all other weapons. Her hands reached out, touching the side of his head, ‘Please forgive me’ a single blue magically tear fell on his forehead, but her words where lost, Arrows mind was filling with new information, they had re-written history, he was starting to understand the full threat that lay before them, things from his past that where not his doing, it was like looking through mist, first he saw Gambler.

‘Mon Ami, you cannot do this’, Arrow turned ‘I must’. ‘Then let it be me or one of the others.’ A happy laugh, one that he had not heard in so long escaped his lips, ‘You know it must be me, people will see my powers and instinctively fear.’ The mist cleared and moved to another, Kurrent ‘No one will know what you have done, We…I will hate you’, Dark Child walked in front of them all, “What he is doing help all of you heroes and us a like, we must forget, we have to or, we make Quietus more powerful, we have all done things that we are not proud of, killed our own families’ he looked at Kurrent and the two held each other’s gaze for a moment, but it was the voice of Mighty Magneto that broke the tension, ‘We need someone to blame, someone who can weave their own way into dreams of the world, even if that makes him a villain’. Gambler stood in front of Magneto ‘Then you do it, you self-righteous’. He felt the anger and the pride ‘Enough’ his past self-said, ‘This is the best course we all know it’ the memory began to fade and he looked at House ‘No one else is to know, take us to Stonehenge’.

She began to vanish back into the wood, he sat starting to wonder if everything he had done from that point had been a lie, the deaths, was he the darkness the world feared, for the first time in a millennium he was lost, his mind was not his own, he was broken ‘I am sorry’ she said before vanishing.

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Been away from the game for far too long, need my groove back.