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When is too much...not a good thing (may contain spoilers...)

So first of!!! Hi and welcome to my blog.

Right now that I have been pleasant to you all lets crack on...( I have to be nice...I am not a fan of this)

Movie T.V. Spots and trailers: Are these a good thing?

Of course I hear some of you scream…well not scream as you can’t over the internet but for the sake of this blog let’s just say you did and move on (good). Well I agree a good trailer maybe even two is great for teasing the crowd and getting them ready for the upcoming film. Let’s take Captain America as an example; we are after all on a comic book website so I am going to roll with it. How many of us got excited over the first trailer, I for one did when I so Dum Dum on screen and was like “Damn this may actually be good.” So then the 2 trailer comes out and OMG the cosmic cube. So by now we have almost all seen the trailers right?

No!!! Then good for you…get off this site!!


Anyway now we move on to TV spots where we see a group of people discovering Cap in an ice block, we see the comsic cube in action and I start to wonder, is an over two mins Trailer too much and that added with the TV spot has it actually taken away from the film? Did they need to show us Howard Stark, Dum Dum and the cosmic cube. Or could they have just left those nice little tid bits out so we get the shock in the cinema and think while we are watching it “Damn they actually added that in good on them” instead of us now all knowing to expect this! Does this take away from the thrill of discovering this at the movie! Will it take away knowing about all this beforehand losing the shock value?

They could have easily made the trailers still appealing without having to add those small parts. Hell have the bits with his change the training field and throwing the shield! But keep out the little bits for more of a punch at the cinema! I have seen a lot of films do this recently and I can’t help but wonder do they think this is a good idea? Captain America was always going to pull people in to the cinema, was there a need to give so much away? I personally think that this over sharing is getting a bit to much and we may end up going down the route of dare I say it...G.I JOE…Gasp shock horror!!! Where the movie sucked…It did stop deluding yourself…you know who you are! The lead up to it was covered in Ads tv spots trailer after trailer and where I hope (know) Captain America won’t suck (okay it might..but not as hard as Joe) I can’t help but feel the weight of an overbearing press campaign with to much info flooding the world. So is to much a good this case no!

What do you guys think?

Also Stay classy Comic Vine

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