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The only way is up up and away for comic movies.

So with the influx of comic movies that are coming out it is clear to say that there is money to be made, but how much money can be made, we all know the success behind The Dark Knight grossing a massive $1,001,921,825 world wide and a record breaking $158,412,607 in it's opening weekend. But no other comic book movie has come close to these numbers Iron Man 2 also showed impressive numbers with $128,122,480 on it's opening weekend but maxed out at $622,128,345. But in truth these numbers seem to be the peek of comic movies to date. X-men first class only pulled in $349,327,846 in total and that was double what Green Lantern made!!!

But with these numbers appearing to go down as we come up to the newer comic movies, lets throw this into prospective A bad comic movie (Green Lantern) still beats out a bad Rom com by about 20,000,000 and stays in profit (this was taken over a few bad rom coms and averaged). So where the average comic book movie not breaking records, Captain America only brining in $65,058,524 in it's opening weekend, over all the movie companies have caught onto the fact that, even if a comic movie is not the going to overly stun us, they are still going to bring in the money. So the only way I see comic movies not flying higher and higher is if we stop seeing them...and in all honesty I don't see that happening as long as Marvel still keep producing the fun action packed movies they have become known for, DC on the other hand have a lot to do and I do hope they step out from behind the security of the Batman Cowl sometime soon.

Anyway here is some figures for you. First figure is opening weekend, second figure is World Wide Gross, so hope this was informative.. in some way

Captain America $65,058,524

Not fair to put in ww gross yet.

X-men first class: $55,101,604

WW Gross: $349,327,846

Thor: $65,723,338

WW Gross: $445,194,411

Ironman 2: $128,122,480

WW Gross: $622,128,345

Ironman: $98,619,778

WW Gross: $585,133,287

Batman the Dark Knight: $158,412,607

WW Gross: $1,001,921,825

Batman Begins: $48,746,278

WW Gorss $372,710,015

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