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Did you see the look on your face
Did you see the look on your face


Every Tale Must Have A Start.

Final Arrows like many children, He was brought into this world unwanted and a painful reminder of the dark night his mother was raped. In a time before the world was even born and God's roamed the stars, A great shadow god raped another of the mythical gods. That god would later become mother nature, After a brutal battle between the two god's earth was created out of the sheer power of their magic's. Seeking refuge on the planet after the attack, Mother Nature found herself in great pain for seven days and seven nights before a small child with two black eyes was born. She saw what had been created from her and the monsters touch, A child of power and beauty. But she feared for him and herself and left him with a gentle touch on his head. He was left on earth to fight for himself. Years past and the child grew, As did his power. Soon Man came and he watched as the world changed around him, They bent the mystic world to their will and twisted the beauty of earth into war and hate. But new god's came to earth, God's of the old times. They called themselves the titans and they used the humans to empower them, Once again the world changed as the humans acted like sheep bowing to these false gods who claimed to have created the world that they now sat on. But it was not long before their children began an up rise and outcast a female god, She sought refuge in the great mountains and any that helped her cause to free the humans was beaten or much like Prometheus tortured until they broke.

But Arrow was now one of the most powerful immortals to walk the land, the years he had spent watching and learning, Had changed the man inside of him. Learning the magic of his mothers world, he was now powerful enough to rival the gods, His dark figure haunted their minds as he took human form for the first time. His pale body looked fragile and his features like a prophet of love. But his eyes where still dark and showed the true power that hide below his tender skin. Finding the female God he offered her a chance to fight back at the others, Showing her how he took human form, She began to create an army of winged men, She would call them Angels. Arrow changed his hair to white to match the wings of his fellow warriors and the war began angels against gods. humans where caught in the cross fires and Atlantis was sunk to the bottom of the seas by Arrow himself as they sided with the Greek gods and during one of the battles Arrow found himself face to face with the three fates, they told him a prophecy as he killed each of them. Leading the attack on the underworld, Arrow cut down Cerberus as it tore apart Lucifer's wings, Shortly after he faced Hades and turned the Olympian insane, with the fall of Hades Arrow handed the keys to the underworld to Lucifer the fallen angel, But Arrows part in the war would cause a deadly feud that would last the length of time as Ares swore vengeance upon the immortal . After the war of the God's ended with most of the other gods escaping to a different plane of existence a realm that was out of focus from this one, In between Limbo and Nowhere is where the great gods hide their powers now., the Female god took a new name "GOD" It was in this time that the great book was written and they called it the Bible. Her religion would wipe out all others before it. Her book was a mix of lies and truth, telling the story from her son's point of view it explained the actions in the God's war and the humans all fell in line country by country.

The Great Swords

The Three Owners of The Great Swords
The Three Owners of The Great Swords

As a reward God herself offered Arrow a place at her side to help rule the new world that she created. Creating a myth, she made a book one packed with lies and deceit so no one would question her power over the world. That book would become what we now know as the bible. But Arrow grows bored of his title and having the fun he once had as a immortal who walked the lands. Leaving God behind him he returned to earth leaving the Lady of the world behind him and a woman’s wraith is something to fear for a reason. She sent flock after flock after him. But Arrow was not alone in his battle with God, Lucifer took to arms and so began the war of the clouds, Also to Arrows aid came a new ally Genesis a parasite that lived off other people. It would not be the last time they would meet in the ages. The war raged for years with no side gaining any ground , So under a flag of truce the three generals met and under a flag created three weapons that would seal the truce. The Sword of Souls (Arrows Weapon) The Sword Of Flames (Lucifer’s Weapon) and the Sword of Hope (Gods Sword) each weapon was giving a power fitting of its owner and they parted ways hoping never to cross paths again.

A Fathers Son

Now a free man Arrow crossed the world for years fighting, killing and learning magic and combat. Each time he found a new place blood and death soon followed him . He watched the human race grow from men in caves to giant cities and in each step of pain in the human history his cocky smile has been plastered pulling the strings from the stage side lines. But the time had come for him to take a leading role as he witnessed humans with powers entering the world. His first encounter would be his most enjoyable a creature known as Darkchild, They met in the holy lands during Richard Loin hearts crusade. Arrow was leading Richards witch breed as part of an agreement. The witch breeds were a group of powered people and monsters who were the secret weapon in the campaign. A weapon that the Templers would come to hate, Darkchild was his 2nd in command and was infected by Genesis, it was also during this war that Arrow met Valadour a vampire royal who would later become a master of his own clan and very useful to the immortal. After the war Arrow returned to his fathers world.

The World is his stage
The World is his stage

The Shadow Realm Arrows Father hid from the other gods after thier great war , is an evil place that makes hell look like earth just slightly normal. Everyone had a reason to kill someone in this land and Arrow’s father ruled it with an iron fist. Soon after his return the king issued an order for his death. Totally unaware of his son new found magical ability, Arrow tore asunder the king’s force laying to waste his fellow shadow realmers. Arrow went to confront the father that had abandoned him to death on earth, Their battle is legendary in the realm as the two fought for six days and nights until Arrow drew upon the sword of souls and cut down his father in one blow. The realm now belonged to him. For years he ruled over this dark realm with no challenge. His army growing loyal only to his command. He sat one day in his throne room only to be surprised to see a small child with a grin on her face, Rasing his eyebrow he went to strike her down and she tilted her head and laughed. It was then that he smelt Olympian on her. So some of them had survived he said to himself. Offering the child his hand she took it and they vanished from the realm and appeared in Olympus and after passing on a few words of warning and gaining some advantage he left the child with her parents and left.

History and Arrow

Arrows history within the world is well documented, he has had such names as Jack The Ripper and Mr Hyde. Most of his past is drenched in blood and always end with him vanishing, the world tried to find reasons behind his madness. But in truth he became bored with the games he was playing with his toys (humans) he has even bore some very powerful and interesting children that have effected are world, Merlin and Morgana perhaps his most famous. Where ever you saw darkness and blood you can grantee that he in some way had a hand in it's story.

The Mythic Lord

Not before long Arrow was recruited as one of the mythic lords who would protect this world from the Mythic Realm ruled by a great Queen, Sadly not all in this realm where as nice and caring as the queen was and they seek to rule other worlds, Earth was a layer upon many other worlds that mortals had no idea actually existed. For many years he fought of the advances of The Sandman, a creature that steals children's dreams and imagination to live and many others like him (See enemies) But Arrow lost his place as he turned evil once again, Slowly the world became a darker place as parents drew away from their children and blamed music and video games for the down fall of their children's worlds. So much pain and agony is caused by a world that is right in front of our faces and yet our hands can never touch it, Earth would become a playground for the evil in the mythic realm and with no protectors to prevent it, the Great Queen made the Mythic armies to help protect the border between this realm and theirs, but it will not be long before those armies fall under the growing might of the Mythic Lords. A group of Arrows old enemies and former allies now bent on breaking the barrier and destroying the earth and all with in it.

The Vine

That event made him realize how much he missed earth and it’s people crying and dying at his mere presence. Taking the name Christopher Lockhart, Arrow returned. he found a very different world. Men of great power now walked the earth one by the name of Magneto lead a team called the vine villains a team that Arrow would help become great. After many years of peace Arrow joined and formed an instant rivalry with Gambler and Photon two of the most powerful members of the team. His goal was met as the VV fell into chaos and after his death they fell into nothingness. But Arrow was not allowed to enter heaven or hell and was forced to return to earth once again. Not that he complained he enjoyed the razzle dazzle of the world and playing with the mortals. Soon after returning he joined a new group by the name of the Hell Fire Club were he met his future queen Lady Teliso. The two of them hit it off instantly destroying many towns in their wake. But Lady T soon vanished and in his loss Arrow found comfort as did Kiara after losing her love in the arms of each other. Their short relationship bore two children Zora and Luncin. Soon after their children were born Lady telsio was returned to him and Now they went on to free Gambler from hell.

The Exorcism

The Protector Returns
The Protector Returns

After the American Government enforced the Sentinel Act, Arrow along with Light one of Arrow's former pupils from Las, was captured. Unlike most of the other times the dark lord has been captured. They did not beat or torture him instead they preformed an exorcism. Using holy men from every religion they could find, they cast their numerous spells and pulled the darkness of his father from Arrow's body and destroyed it. Arrow mind became clear as he realised what had happened to him and the world, Once again he found himself rushing to the Mythic Realm, only to find the Barrier and the Armies destroyed. The great realm lay in waste before him and he knew what that meat, the Mythic Lords now roamed earth and it was his job to stop them. He had no choice but to face those who he had once called enemies and ask for their help. The people he had toyed with and killed, the blood that they on his hands was greater then any other that walked the Vine Earth. An immortal who had spent since the dawn of time killing. He was once Jack the Ripper, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, His story was well known by all in one way or another, He was the bump in the night and now he had to fight the good fight, How could he even ask for them to understand what had happened and so our story continues.

To Hell and Back

The Death Of The Morning Star
The Death Of The Morning Star

Gambler now had a family of his own who played a large part in his freedom but Arrows part was something of a gain to himself as he beat Lucifer and gained control of hell. Only to have the same people he help free turn on him and kill him. Well he did try and kill their child and once again Arrow died but he was given a choice by God death or become her angel of death and forget all that he had once done. So he became an angel and served god for over two years and earth changed again the VV falling from the face of the earth and being replaced by a new team Las they soon grew in number and no one stood against them. But while all this was happening Lady T sought out the ones Arrow had once trained and held in command Drifter, Darkchild and Mistress Redhead. Each came to the cry in order to bring back the devil himself. But something went wrong in the spell and Arrow was tore from heaven and his memory scattered. As he hit the ground he was found by mortals who placed him in an insane asylum. Thinking the spell had gone wrong Darkchild and Redhead went back to their worlds. But Lady T and Drifter kept working and they found him. Over the next two years they worked bringing back the man they once knew.

Arrow made his return to the VV Lady T and his new brother Drifter at his side and once again meeting the child from his past, The Olympian Rina Redhead and a new found area was born under the leadership of doom. The VV once again grew as Darkchild returned to his brothers side and now the whole world has something to fear as Arrow tries to rebuild and live up to the legend he once was and this time he has the power to make an angel shiver. After joining the VV Arrow continued to rebuild his life and the people around him, New got to him that there were still those loyal to him in hell if he wished to start a war for the throne against the one he left it to. Seeking council with his former lover the two spoke under a white flag each with their generals at their sides. Next to Kiara the Fallen was Luncin the Son of the two of them and next to Arrow stood a new threat a another fallen angel who sought Arrow out and wishes to become one of the new fallen much like Arrow with the freedom over fate and destiny. After much talk the two came to an uneasy truce. Neither one of them could move on the other or plan a down fall or they would both lose hell and the person who started the plan would be stripped of their powers and in return hell would be splt those loyal to Arrow would join him in his half and those to Kiara and her grandfather would stay with her on her half. With the deed done Arrow went off to free his daughter Zora and welcomed his Queen back into hell.

Magic Returns

The arch Angels Return
The arch Angels Return

Let us start with a simple question, A question that has troubled me for some time. Have you ever caught something just out of sight and when you turn to see there is nothing? Why do our minds just except that nothing was there! Do we seek the tenderness of not knowing that there may be something or someone just out side our consciences. Humans hide so much from the truth we and it is a dark truth that we knew as children. But something changes within us as we grow, The mysteries of this old world soon disappears into the guise of opposite sex and then that fear of the beast under our bed is forgotten. The days of magic and legendary beast is replaced with a cell phone and the internet. But the truth is that that Magic was taken from us we did not lose it our minds simple forgot over time. Some immortals still grace this planet and install the fear of old but our story is not about them.

We start over nine hundred years ago when a young child was born. It was on this day that gods and creatures began to withdraw from the planet. She would become known to them as the Heart. A being that processed all control over earth, we had seen a few of them before her time, Mother Earth, Jesus all great and powerful people but all with a hard choice to make. Human nature is to destroy and kill no matter how far we try and escape the primal forces within us they will always be there. Her choice was to see if mankind was capable of wielding magic. The Hearts before her all saw hope within mankind and granted them their wish to this power. But she saw something darker inside the heart of men something she could not ignore. So she took her life and with it the Magic of this world. As her blood left her body the world began to change it was not just mankind that was affected but those creatures that lived by the magical laws of this world. Dragons lay down their mighty bodies on the floor along with the giants and began to change into large hills, the satyr’s and monitors took there more human half and grew into men. The Gods retreated and fought their own wars with no thought for the mortals below. Most magic users hid in a realm just beyond ours and watch waiting for their time. Some who had the magic of the heart born into them ignored the change and fought on, we now call them heroes and villains.

As time grew we forgot of the sleeping giants in our midst, and towers became ruins and the creatures of magic became a tale we where told at bed time. But things our all of a sudden changing as a new Heart is born into this world. Already one of the oldest magic users seeks to twist her mind but as he moves her life brings back those that where forgotten as the Dragons tear from their sleep, The human blood line that had watered down the monitors and satyrs blood begins to change as mortals find themselves thrown into a world they had long forgot. The governments turn to their most trusted. But what can be done for a world that has forgotten its past! Is it time for magic to return? As Arrow hunts for the Heart a war between the heavens breaks out over the port of New york as Neptune returns, soon a blinding light breaks the sea apart as six arch angels appear before him, their lances flash forward cutting the air and Neptune falls destroyed by heavens power. Now they seek Arrow outing him as the killer of Eve, the first seed of evil to find its way into this world

Hide and Seek

Rina Redhead, The Daughter Of Final Arrow
Rina Redhead, The Daughter Of Final Arrow

It was all a lie, a myth created to hide his true identity, the magic has returned to earth and the Angels of heaven now hunt for Arrow. As the Dragons and the gods rise the chase is on to capture the worlds most dangerous immortals. After the Arch Angels killed Neptune off the ports of New York they began their seek of revenge on the one known as the killer of eve. Arrow story is known to the world a myth wrapped within legends. Now the Greek gods return and seek the heart too, with nowhere to turn Arrow hides his body within Rina a powerful demi god, now stuck in her head Arrow waits for his time to return. Now in Rina's mind Arrow protects himself with her unbreakable body and trains her, only herself and darkchild can hear him.

It was during this time that Arrow was forced to face Ares again, Rina his vessel had been stolen and he had escaped in time only to find himself in the body of a small brown teddy bear. The femme fatales had all but fallen when Rina unlocked her true power and left heading for her own destiny. But Arrow found her attacker and during the battle discovered his true identity. Ares and Arrow fought with blows that would level buildings, but as Ares got the upper hand Arrow broke free of his bounds inside the teddy's form and was once again a immortal and placed using Rina's DNA Arrow made a body that the Angels and Gods would not look for, as the two of them faced down once again Arrow used most of his powers to turn Ares into a Mortal the thing he hated most, but at the same time his body was weakened and broken and Ares told him his final farewell that Rina was not his daughter but Arrows.... Ares is still missing and Arrow now waits allowing his powers to become what they where before facing a god.

Gambler Reborn:

It came as no surprise to those that knew Arrow, that he would want to return the king of kings to life. Some say

Morgana and Merlin

To Come

Odin and the fall of Asgard

To come

Ruler Of Hell

Takes his places as the lord of hell
Takes his places as the lord of hell

Five figures sat in the shadows of a great stone room, between them stood a very old and very powerful stone table and six chairs to match. It was like no other in existence, it was carved from black rock a material long dead to the world and anything said before it was recorded in the fabric of time and most importantly to the five figures was it’s unique power, if you dared to sit before it you could not lie, nor bend the truth every word you dared utter would come straight from your soul, your own essence would vibrate into the stone and be turned into the truth for all to hear. The room had no windows and only one light which sat in the centre of the table, a small piece of hell fire that would burn for eternity. Of the five figures it would only take one to start the dance, the whole reason they had decided to sit around the table, five of the lords of hell now sat at the black table. Hell was split into many different sectors, each believe has it’s own section, the stronger the believe the larger the section and souls captured. The five that sat owned the larger sections of hell or whatever you wish to call damnation, the first to speak was of course the Morning Star, perhaps the most famous of all the five, “we know why we are here” it was not a question that needed answered, “We have fought each other for control time and time again, as each of us grow another section of hell is lost. We can not continue this way.” Some nodded in agreement, others stayed silent as Lucifer continued, “This is not the days of old, times are no longer simple, if we continue to fight and to grow then hell will fall and so will we. The times of the ancients is gone, when hell was first born it was simple to rule, the ancients had nothing to fear until the gods came along and changed the face of the world, now they found themselves fighting for control of their home. “Hades the Greek god smiled as he recalled claiming hell as his own, the battle with the ancients had been a long and deadly battle one that he had won.

“and now we find ourselves with are own problems, as time grew again so did religion and believes until all of us, found are way here and ever since we fight to control are borders with one and other, while smaller groups expand and grow larger, we can not continue to fight on all fronts.” Hel the Norse god spoke next, she sat tapping her finger on the table, her ruby red dress showed far to much and almost not enough “I do agree with you Fallen One, I can not remember a time when we where not at war, but is this not are destiny as rulers.” A small laugh split the room in almost two, Osiris the Egyptian god was a beautiful man compared even to Lucifer, his smile could almost melt the heart of any goddess or mortal. “To battle is not are life, sister” Hel’s eyes flared red “I am not your sister, how dare you address me as such.” The smile remained on his face. Gods where such vicious creatures, there whole life’s they never truly knew pain or fear it made them confident almost to a fault, perhaps their only fault. “This room, will not allow the two of you to battle, and this is the precise reason we where brought here today. The wars are futile, I rule the majority of hell and have no further wish to expand” Lucifer said his voice echoing around the room

Osiris head snapped to look at the Morning Star, “then what is it you suggest.” Lucifer placed his two pale hands on the table in front of him, spreading his two giant wings he sighed “we need someone, a natural party to rule over us all, someone who will split the souls evenly, who will settle deputes between are kingdoms with no ties to any of us, so that none of us grow to become a threat to the other. Someone we all know and who knows are games in return.” It was Hades who spoke next “There is no one powerful enough to keep us all in check. Trying to prevent us all from moving is madness..” Hel smiled “You mean to give them some of are power,” the room fell into silence at the words. This was going to be the hard part, to get the most selfish people to give up part of their power to someone else. “Yes I mean to give him a third of each of are powers, nothing that will truly weaken us, but it would also add to his own, he would be more powerful then the majority of us combined, but not as powerful as all of us.” “Encase he took the power and acted against us.” Hades said, “Yes” Lucifer began to reply, before he was cut off by the one god at the table who had not spoken. Chu Jiang the ancient god of the Chinese underworld, his voice was almost a hiss when he spoke; his emerald eyes peered out over the room.

“You said his, have you thought of a subtle candidate.” Lucifer swore in his head, this was it the moment that could tear the room apart. “I have, I have chosen the broken one.” Hel swore in her own tongue, Hades stood slamming his fist to the table. “Final Arrow, you think I will give any of my power to him, after what he did to my mind. He drove me insane for over five hundred years. Lucifer growled at Hades “And encased me in stone and took my kingdom, I know who I speak off, but he is the only one to best almost every one of us at some point in his god forsaken life.” Hades fell silent, it was the truth, and how could it not be round this table. Chu Jiang smiled “he is a good choice, his uncle was one of the ancients, his mother bore this earth, he is a very good choice, I agree.” Lucifer nodded at the man, Hel was next “Yes, I may not like the choice, but it makes sense IF we can ensure he will have some level of countability when it comes to what must be done.” Osiris simply nodded and then it came to Hades. “Damn you all call him.” Lucifer closed his eyes and the room rumbled as he appeared in front of them, his white hair brushed back, he wore a red suit with a simple black tie and white shirt, “Well hell…o “Arrow said his crimson eyes taking the full room in, “Been along time Chu” Arrow said between his smile, “Stop, this is serious brother.” Lucifer said, for the next four hours the role of the high lord was explained to him, the powers he would gain and what was needed of him, it took two simple words to make him the high lord of hell. Two simple words to that would change the face of hell forever and make Arrow one of the most powerful beings in existence, “I accept and it was done.

Invasion Of Earth & Arrows True Heritage revealed

To come


The Sandman:

The Sandman
The Sandman

Born in 1802 Daniel Smite was a boy twisted from birth, he enjoyed taunting the other children and dreamed of being a great lord to help his family. At the age of fourteen he began school and on his first day he stood up to a young man who threatened one of the smaller children, The boy drowned Daniel in a near by lake, As a spirit Daniel remained and watched the world and as the boy grew older and became the Lord of the Town, Daniel mind twisted, Drawn into the Mystic Realm Daniel took on a new name The Sandman, learning of dark powers and how he could become solid again Daniel became one of The Mythic Realms strongest criminals and took his revenge on The Vine Earth.The Sandman steals children's dreams and imagination to create his powers, the more he has the more powerful he becomes. He has been free of the Shadow realm for over two years. He is the reason people blame their children for not having imagination, we blame video games and TV while he steals our children's greatest assets their imagination. Their one thing that makes them different from anything else. The Sandman Is Arrows most powerful rival. He turns what he takes into magic and uses it to alter the world around him and to attack his enemies, he is more powerful then anything Arrow has ever faced and the new leader of the Mythic Lords.



Perhaps the most dangerous and famous of the Mythic Lords He makes bargains with young women for their first born. We have all hared the fairly tale and its ending, the only thing that is true for such a dark and sinister tale is that of the start, Rumple will always give you what you want and in return he will take that which is most important to you, If the women is not in a relationship at the time of the deal he will father the child himself and tear it from the mothers stomach. Not as powerful as the other lords gives him an edge over them, he is forever underestimated and yet he is the most dangerous of them all. His tricks have helped him evade capture each and every time. He is the only lord not to have been caught by any of the Queens men or even by Arrow. He now preys on the women in the Vine Earth and instead of going for easy targets has started just aiming for single young women. He is not a character from a fairy tale he is a monster.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin :


A legend that first came to light in 1284. This silent villain can not speak but his eyes tell a sinister story. Te legend of the Rat catcher is yet another tale told to hide the sinister truth of yet another monster. Piper can take the form of any human he has killed and likes children to keep him company. his magical flute plays a tune that can hypnotize and control the minds of anyone that hears it. The most famous tale of course has him taking 130 children from a village on the day of saints. Piper hates saints and what they stand for and every years kills or steals children for every saint we have had, the body toll only grows with each year and his appearance is forever changing. He is one of the hardest lords to capture.

Ares :


As the Bronze Age of man approached, and men became oblivious, a new generation of gods were born: The MUSES and Apollo, to remind man of himself. Artemis, to remind him of the sacredness and purity of nature. Athena and the HORAE, to remind him of the virtues of order, industriousness and political sense. But to assist the coming madness of man, his brutality, and his blood thirst, came Ares, so that also wretches who delight in murder would not be altogether without consolation. For even cowardly deeds may seem feats of bravery thanks to this god. But he reminds men of nothing as he incites them to run riot, kill, burn, and rape, but submerges them in mud and blood, making them forget the beauties of heaven and earth. This misery is one of the many forms of oblivion. Ares played a part in the God Wars one of the main fighters in the war, he blames Arrow for the fall of his kind after the underworld fell under Arrows hand.

It was not until many year later that the two would meet again as Arrow returned Ares daughter to him with a warning, Little did Arrow know at the time but Rina was in fact his daughter and during one of their last battles Ares told Arrow the truth and Arrow cast a spell that not even the god could break, turning Ares into a mortal.



Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon over threw the Titans and claimed ruler ship over the universe controlling the underworld, sky, and ocean, equally. Hades was also named Pluto which meant “the unseen one” or “the rich one”. In older Greek myths, Hades is the foggy and dark home of the dead, where all mortals go. Hades was son of the titans Kronos and Rhea. He had 3 sisters Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. He also has 2 brothers Zeus and Poseidon. In the end the young gods won the battle and they drew to see who would rule over what. Poseidon got the ocean, Zeus got the sky which makes him ruler over everything including the gods, and Hades drew the Underworld which suited him well. It would not be till many years later that he would have to face an army of angels and one immortal attacking his world. In the end he was defeated as Arrow grew the shadows in his mind turning him insane and the Underworld was given to Lucifer to run, it was a strike that ended the God Wars as a new religion set in






Calling Card: Arrow's kill's have ranged from the sick to the perverted, each becoming a larger piece of art then the last, no one knows when his sick streak came out but his masterpieces have shocked the very world to the core. Once killing a priest in front of a his people and forcing them to pray for help, before pinning all of them to the wall and slowly cutting them. Or killing everyone but the bride at her wedding and forcing her to dance with him in the blood soaked floor. His favourite memory was forcing Kurrent to drink his own uncles blood before going on to toutre the rest of the Zero Squad, Never before has the world been placed into madness this deep. Description: Everything about Arrow is designed to draw in the people around him, he is hansom and gives of a gentle essence until he decide otherwise. He has ruby eyes which gently glow. Long snow white hair matches his pale skin and a smile to die for, his voice has been described as a choir of angels. Arrow is a Greek statue brought to life.

Relics Of The House Of Arrow

Silver breasted long barreled pistols (Left to Rina): These silver wolf crested pistols carry no bullets but are fired with Arrow magic a gift from an old friend he once fought with to kill a vampire. Shadow Bow (Left to DC) The Magical arrows that are fired from this bow have the destructive power to destroy a city the size of London.

Amulet of Children( Left to DC) The amulet contains the children of Arrow, whoever own the amulet control the two mini children who have all the powers of final Arrow.

Sword Of Souls (Left to Gambler):made of a metal that god herself crafted and then forged in the fires of the underworld by an arch Angel named Lucifer, The blade was pure black it is said to resemble the soul of its owner , Never would it age or scratch, the hilt of the blade was an open mouth of a dog one of the three heads of Cerberus and made of the finest silver and almost weighed nothing.

Sword Of Flames(Left to Gambler):was one of the three great blades, It was infused with a power that Satan himself made it would freeze and part of your body with the slitest cut, the pain felt like a thousand flames burning over ever muscle in your body rendering that part of your body useless, It was one of the only weapons that could stand up to the sword of souls, It had the same hilt but its blade was crimson

Book Of Souls: Owned by Rina redhead, has the powers to contain any soul that is stupid enough to enter it.

Arrows Top hat:(Left to Rina) Has the magic of Arrow bore into it's very being, to own this is to gain magic beyond almost any knowledge.

The house of Arrow(left to Rina): A house that floats in limbo a mixture of twisted wood and Victorian design, The house contains every book Arrow has ever read and everything he has ever collected, it holds unimaginable power.

Black Power Ring Of Arrow(Left to Rina): The first black lantern ring ever made, mixed with it's own power and Arrows it is one of the most powerful and deadly relics

Powers before becoming lord of hell

Shadow Control: Arrow can control any Shadow and change it to what he wants, he also uses the shadows to move round the world and between realms it is this power that has gained him the name of the Shadow Lord.

Magic: After traveling the world Arrow learn everything from Voodoo to Blood magic he is the most powerful warlock to walk the planet. His magic appears to have no upper limits and he has gone from casting spells to simply willing them to happen.

Combat: after fighting in every war possible Arrow has picked up more then a few fighting techniques, A master in hand to hand combat and weapons combat he is not to be taken lightly with out his powers.

Powers After becoming the lord of hell

Cosmic Awareness

Arrow has the capacity to know everything infinitely, or at least everything that can be known about everything around them including thoughts, feelings, life and the universeReality Manipulation

It is the ability to reshape matter and energy, create or alter life forms, turn a person's thoughts or desires into reality, simulate any and all other powers and abilities, bend time and space, and possibly even rewrite the laws of physics.

Shadow Control:

Arrow can control any Shadow and change it to what he wants, he also uses the shadows to move round the world and between realms it is this power that has gained him the name of the Shadow Lord.


After traveling the world Arrow learn everything from Voodoo to Blood magic he is the most powerful warlock to walk the planet. His magic appears to have no upper limits and he has gone from casting spells to simply willing them to happen.


after fighting in every war possible Arrow has picked up more then a few fighting techniques, A master in hand to hand combat and weapons combat he is not to be taken lightly with out his powers.Relics Of Arrow: Magical Items Arrow has collected throughout his life.

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