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Age of X = House of M...0_o

Right let me just get this off my chest to start with, I used to be an x-man fan, But I am talking old school X-men / X-force and I have tried to read main events such as the above and so on. But have not kept up to date with any of the x-men series so please forgive me if I have some how misunderstood Age Of X (which I know is not cannon...well kinda...wait is it 0_o ) Anyway so here I am reading this and finding somethings some what similar, you know like Charles being key to breaking the hold that someone has placed over the (x-world / 616) and no one is aware of this bar a few people, Magneto is a leader of all the mutants and there is a us and them story being told, even if it is at different end of the spectrum to what house of M was...

But I can't help but feel this is getting old hack, like we don't know what to do with a large ult story we are simply going to rehash and old one and see if people buy it!! Well yes I did buy it but still I feel a little screwed over and this has made me even less interested in picking up the x-men titles..I miss the days of X-Factor and that kinda cool unique feel it had. But that's just me, So I guess I just wanted to throw this out there and to see if I had missed something and that I could be enlightened to it!