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More Character than Wrestling 0

Ringside is very interesting because it's a wrestling book that's not really about the wrestling, it's more of a character story/journey which is fine cause the characters are great. It follows a former retired wrestler Dan who just recently retired to the states to help out his friend who has gotten himself in trouble. There are also cool character like a retired Marine in a wheelchair and another wrestler who's a friend of Dan. Like I said the wrestling stuff are more background elements, some...

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Call Me Chuckles 0

Overview: GI Joe Cobra follows the story of the Joe; Chuckles has he goes on a secret mission to infiltrate Cobra, where one mistake could mean death.Cover: Anybody else get a Humberto Ramos feel with this cover? Its mostly the way his face is drawn looks like something Ramos would do.The Good: I'm always a fan of spy stories. Where a person goes so deep undercover and you know if they make one mistake its over. You follow the Joe, Chuckles and he is fun to watch(they don't call him Chuckles f...

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I Think I'm Gonna Like Hashtag. 0

Overview: Continuing the "Homefront" storyline in this issue we see Duke is captured by Baroness and is trying to get information out of him while the other Joes are just trying to survive and regroup.The Good: In this issue we learn how Cobra took over this town so easily, by killing their leaders and installing fear in them its no wonder why this town is willing to fight the Joes. And the scene with Duke and Baroness is pretty funny with Duke just trying to piss off Baroness anyway he can. Th...

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Overview: The Joes are back in IDWs relaunch and this time they're in the public. With the public behind them hoping to turn the tide against Cobra, the Joes take the fight to Cobra on American soil. Occupying a town in Ohio, Duke, Roadblock, Shipwreak, Tunnel Rat, Quick-Kick, Doc, Cover Girl, and the newest member Hashtag take on not only Cobra but the whole town. With creative team Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth.Covers:I really don't want to spend to much time on this because its not that big...

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