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TL;DR: New Fic-O-Pedia main page here.

Explanation: Wow. Well, it finally happened. One of the Fic-O-Pedia pages went kablooey, and it was this one you are reading now. This used to be the FOP's main page, but it's one of the oldest pages on the FOP account, which means it goes back at least two site overhauls, so it's been slow to save changes for awhile. Yesterday, it finally blipped out, giving me an "Access Denied" message when I tried to save. So, I had to make a new main page.

I'm going to try to replace all the links to this page with links to the new one, but in case I miss any, this redirect will still be here. Cheers. -FOP/ cbishop

Thanks for using the Fic-O-Pedia! :^D