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Introduction by Joygirl
I've met a lot of other writers in my many "travels," some of them very good, and some of them... well, less good. Wildvine definitely falls into the former category, but more importantly, she brings something special to the table. Wildvine's imagination and sense of surreal humor are truly unique, and I find myself frequently dazzled by the way she thinks. Equal parts alien and childlike, her mind has a special talent for creating that which has yet to be created, associating her with such diseased, brilliant minds as Lovecraft and Poe. Drawn towards the twisted and the dimly-lit, don't delve into Wildvine's body of work with the impression that you'll leave without feeling a bit disturbed... unless, of course, she's feeling nice that day.

The Links:

A Game of Princesses
Character Creation Contest (CCC)
DC Mayhem
DC Re-Imagined
DC 1602
Fan-Fic Review
Horror Inc/ Horror Inc Jr
Invictia Western Isles Dex (C) (blog only)
Killer Rabbit

Killer Rabbit

Sharpshot/Killer Rabbit

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  • by wildvine (#2)
  • by CVLibrarian (SS Chart)
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Knight and Dae
Madame Techia
Marvel Mayhem
Marvel Nexus
Pyroverse (collaboration with Pyrogram)
SCP Foundation (contributed to The Writers Guild Presents & CCC)
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  3. .SCP-X03.
  4. .Character Creation Contest #35. (entry deleted after voting)

DC Zombies

Gah!/ Wha?

15 Minute Writing Challenge (Just Write)

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Writers Guild Presents, The (contributions)

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