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Welcome! Fic-O-Pedia: Sports is a page for any contests or challenges I may run across on the Fan-Fic forum. I know what you're thinking: "Why Sports?" Right? A couple of reasons. First, because it fits sideways in the title graphic I use for the Sports pages. Second, because I think when we do contests and challenges here, we should be sporting about it. Not just competitive, but good-natured in our competition.

That's why I push for rules like "if you wrote, you should vote," and "you cannot vote for yourself." If you vote for yourself, or you don't vote at all (but are expecting others to vote for you), then that is no fun. i.e. not sporting. As a general rule, we have a sporting bunch here on CV, but every now and again, someone has to be reminded.

I get it: sometimes we get carried away, and sometimes, we really do think that our entry is the best. If we all go with that decision though, then it creates a stalemate that can only be broken by voters, and it effectively makes us spectators for our own contests. Again- no fun.

So, it's Fic-O-Pedia: Sports rather than Fic-O-Pedia: Contests, because it's an easy reminder that when we compete, it's in fun, and we should all be sporting about it. I hope you decide to turn out for one of our Fan-Fic contests. The more people that enter, the more fun it is for everyone.

All of the FOP: Sports pages are on the FOP blog only. The only page connected to the Fan-Fic forum is this FOP: Sports main page. Linked to this page, you'll find all of the contests on the Fan-Fic forum, each with its own page, and each of those pages should have links to give you choices to navigate back here, back to the pinned Fic-O-Pedia thread, or just back to the Fan-Fic forum intself.

As of November, 2018, the only active contest is the Character Creation Contest, but I hope you have fun reading the other contests that have been here in the past.


cbishop/ FicOPedia

The Sports:

Thanks for using the Fic-O-Pedia! :^D