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The contest basics, straight from stumpy49er:

So I wanted to create a challenge/contest in which writers create stories based on songs.

For example: Paint it Black by Rolling Stones. You could choose to set the story during the Vietnam War. Or it could be about Punisher and how he's lost his emotions since the loss of his family. Or it could be an original character who literally just paints things black.

Another example: Maxwell's Silver Hammer by the Beatles. This could be an original character about a serial killer who uses a hammer. Perhaps an original villain for Batman. Or it could be about a young man who has no control over what he tells people, 'beating' people over the head with his blunt opinion. Your choice.

The point of the story is to relate it to the song. You can have lines from the song in it if you want, doesn't matter (though please don't put the entire song in the story).

I would like you to title the story with the song your using just for reference.

Unlike the CC Contest, you don't have to create an original character. You can use Batman or Harry Potter or you can create your own character and set them in the world of your choosing, either original or established.

Since this is the Proto-Challenge, just to see if this would even be popular among the forum, I'm going to let you decide which song you want to base your story after. However, after this contest all songs will be selected by the winner of the last contest, similar to how the CCC does it.

- stumpy49er, on the Proto-Challenge thread

I thought this was a great contest. Still do. Unfortunately, for the ten that we did, the choice of songs wasn't terrific. A few were lackluster, and one was downright hated by the potential contestants. Others were songs that actually told a story themselves (four of those from me), and in hindsight, I think that actually worked against the contest- it's hard to take a story, turn it into something of your own, and still seem original. At least a couple worked out pretty well though.

Then there's the participation level which was very low on this contest. It wasn't quite as bad as the Fan-Fic Hustle, but it was close. For ten contests, there were:

  • 1 with five entries
  • 1 with four
  • 2 with three
  • 2 with two
  • 3 with one
  • and 1 with none.

Pretty poor turnout. Maybe we could have picked better songs, or at least ones with better titles? Hard to say. I think this would have been a whole lot more fun with better turnout. Oh well.

Still, personally, I wrote some of my favorite stories for this contest. Getting down to it, being pleased with your writing is really what this is all about. -cb

The links in the "(Votes) Writer" column are to each writer's entry, in case you'd like to read them. Enjoy.

Basic Rules of the SBS:

Contest Thread:

  • All are welcome to participate (yes indeed, this means you).
  • Write a story based on the song given in the contest's original post (OP). You can base it on the whole song, just a certain aspect of the song, or even just on the song's title.
  • No original characters required! If you want to go straight fan-fic, feel free.
  • Word limit decided by OP (we go with "no word limit" most contests).
  • Deadline decided by OP (usually 2 weeks).
  • So far, there have not been additional rules from the OP.

Voting Thread:

  • Voting thread goes up after the deadline.
  • Voting time decided by OP (usually 2 weeks).
  • If you wrote, you should vote (it's just sporting).
  • You cannot vote for yourself (also sporting).
  • Winner picks the song for the next contest.

The more writers the merrier! Please join us! :)

SBS #1-10:
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Proto-Challenge (Pick Your Song)


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Always Running


Finger Poppin' Time



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His Favorite Christmas Story

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