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When I first ran across this contest, I thought it was great, but was quickly disappointed to find that it tanked after the first contest. Assymetrical (Aztek_the_Lost at the time) won the second contest by default with a three-line entry, and the third and fourth contests didn't get any entries.

So why give Fan Fic Hustle its own page? Well, because I like it. It's got a cool name, and the premise is straightforward- picking characters that entrants have to write about, staying true to those characters, and seeing what comes of it. I think this contest should have succeeded, and I keep hoping that someone will revive it at some point. It's a faint whisper of a dream, but it's good to dream.

The links in the "(Votes) Writer" column are to each writer's entry, if you'd like to avoid scrolling through the entire thread. Enjoy.

Basic Rules of the FFH:

The rules, as explained by Kurrent in the first FFH:

Fan-Fic Hustle Rules

  1. One post per person
  2. The person making the thread chooses characters that must be main focus
  3. Be creative when writing your post and take it in any direction you want
  4. Be true to the characters
  5. ONLY Comic Book characters

In these contests the winner will pick the next Hustle. They do not have to be battles all the time they can be, for example, a love triangle story between, Nightwing, Starfire and Babs. The sky is the limit with this. If you like to write challenge yourself if you don't know the character chosen and if you like the ones chosen show us why!

- Kurrent

Not hard at all, right? I really wish this one was still going. Oh well. Enjoy reading the few entries here.

FFH #1-4:
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