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Way back when the Fan-Fic forum first started, the regular group of writers were mostly people who had drifted over from the RPG forum. As such, they didn't do things the way we tend to do them today. They didn't post every chapter as a new thread; they simply kept posting to the same thread, and people checked back. The Challenges from Methos were from that time, and so all of the challenges were posted to the same thread.

Something else they did different was they posted the answers to the challenges in threads of their own. Due to that, it's completely possible that I've missed some of the answers to these challenges. If anyone can point out one that I've missed, please don't hesitate to do so, and I'll add it here.

As far as I can tell from the main thread, this was not a contest, in that there were no votes on whose story was better. It was simply a challenge to get people to take the same theme and see what they could come up with. Then Methos would issue another challenge, and they were at it again. Basically, these were writing prompts. Still, they had to do it by a deadline, and it was a test of one's creativity under pressure, so I think it qualifies for the Sports section of the Fic-O-Pedia.

Methos wasn't the only one to post challenges to the threads. Occasionally others would post their own challenges, as was allowed by the OP. I'll post them in thread order, which means they'll be interspersed among Methos' challenges.

This whole setup kind of necessitates a slightly different setup to this Sports page, but it should still be fairly easy to navigate. I hope you have fun reading these. Enjoy.

Note: OTMC = One-Thread Multi-Chapter. If it's a response to a challenge that is OTMC, then I'll only post the link for the thread, not for each individual chapter. I couldn't think of a good way to do that without it getting too bogged down in tables.

Basic Rules of the CfM:

As explained in the thread's OP:

This thread is for people to post random challenges for people, if you want to add a challenge to this thread for any writer to have a go at, please do...

all challenges must abide by the rules of the fanfic section posted here...

- Methos
Challenges from Methos:
#ThemeAnswers to the Challenge

Morning After the Vegas Wedding


Children of Time from Doctor Who


DC Earth, 4+ characters, 1 must die


Challenge 2 - Five Song Challenge


Challenge 3 - 20 Minutes with in Gotham City


Fiction character in real world NY, today

  • ?

Kill character, have them meet Death


Character finds out "father" isn't who they were led to believe


Character named heir to throne of monarchy

  • ?

Character recruited for military

  • ?

Character gets Magneto's memories, deals with memories of Holocaust

  • ?

Character affects real world history

  • ?

20 Minutes in Metropolis

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