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"So Scary 4- Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite," by The Impersonator
The FOP 2020 Hindsight Spotlight- April:

With this year being 2020, all I can think about is "20/20 hindsight." So, each month this year I'll spotlight one story link from the same month of each year, from 2007 to 2019, as a look back on the Fan-Fic forum. Rediscover an old favorite, or find a new one. Enjoy. -FicOPedia

Apr, 2007:.Assassin's Creed. The WeatherMan
Apr, 2008:.A Ninjan Death. Shanana
Apr, 2009:.A Gladiator's Tale. Instant
Apr, 2010:.Poker Night!. Undergroundgod
Apr, 2011:.The Crimson Bat: Prologue. ghostrider fan1
Apr, 2012:.New Amalgam Universe: Black Blade Chapter 1. BatteredArmor
Apr, 2013:.Corrupted: Timber Wolf #1. JS_Smokeman
Apr, 2014:.Marvel SHOCK: Blue Barrier Chapter 1. batkevin74
Apr, 2015:.Wild Western: The Legend of Johnny Smokers #1. cbishop
Apr, 2016:.W2O: The Cat #0. waezi2
Apr, 2017:.Hostess Fruit Pies: The Sinister Six #1. ImpurestCheese
Apr, 2018:.The '40s: The Origin of the Ghoul. TommytheHitman
Apr, 2019:.Marvel - The Beginning: Pete Wisdom #1. batkevin74

Hope you liked the stories. We'll look back again next month! -FOP

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