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I've been meaning to do this page for quite some time, but I keep putting it off, because there are a lot of chapters to process, and I wasn't sure how to do it. The two larger stories are multiple threads with multiple chapters each in them. The problem is that some of them have four chapters, but two chapters are in one post, and two are in the next post. What that means is I can't make links for those second chapters. So, what I've done is list the chapter without a link- just know that the chapter is found in the previous link.

Also, I wanted to be consistent with chapter headings, so I did something different here from what I normally do. For archive purposes on the larger two stories, I listed the links first as they were actually posted, then followed those with the expanded links for each chapter. ...It'll make sense when you see it.

Beyond that, these are some interesting crossovers, and received good comments throughout. Check 'em out.

You'll see a notation on most of Bruce27's stories:

  • OTMC means One-Thread Multi-Chapter, and links to each chapter within the thread are provided.


The Links:

Mario/Sonic/ Ratchet crossover! (OTMC)
Marvel/DC/Mortal Kombat (OTMC)

Marvel/DC/Mortal Kombat

  • Same links expanded below.
  • Shown here as posted for archive purposes.

Marvel/DC/Mortal Kombat

  • Same links as above, but expanded
  • for each chapter.
  1. .CHP1: Evil plan. (Marvel/DC/Mortal Kombat)
  2. .CHP2: Ten Members.
  3. .CHP3: Jump of Dimensions.
  4. .CHP 4: Tournament begins.
  5. .CHP5: Progressive winning.
  6. .CHP6: Surprise equal.
  7. .CHP7: End of round 1.
  8. .CHP8: Close call.
  9. .CHP9: A day of rest.
  10. .CHP10: The Orb of opportunity.
  11. .CHP 11: Notified.
  12. .CHP 12: Enemy locked on.
  13. .CHP 13: A misunderstanding.
  14. .CHP 14: From good to bad.
  15. .CHP 15: What a night.
  16. .Chapter 16: Bat spy.
  17. .CHP 17: Mob Boss.
  18. .CHP 18: Redemption or not?.
  19. .CHP 19: Caught in the act.
  20. .CHP 20: Inside team battles.
  21. .CHP 21: Best of the best.
  22. .CHP 22: Shady alliance.
  23. .CHP 23: Upset specials.
  24. .CHP 24: Backup plan?.
  25. .CHP 25: Battle of Material artists.
  26. .CHP 26: Threat forgotten.
  27. .CHP 27: Unknown attackers.
  28. .CHP 28: Scorpion's roundup.
  29. .CHP 29: Plan comes into play.
  30. .CHP 30: More taken.
  31. .CHP 31: Poisonous Deception.
  32. .CHP 32: Powerful mind.
  33. .CHP 33: Team Effort.
  34. .CHP 34: Trio of the Bat,Spider, and Bird!.
  35. .CHP 35: Goblin Fly.
  36. .CHP 36: Things getting weirder.
  37. .CHP 37: Protectors clueless.
  38. .CHP 38: Track to Panda home.
  39. .CHP 39: Coming up empty.
  40. .CHP 40: No Closer To Truth.
  41. .CHP 41: More distractions from Problem.
  42. .CHP 42: All Out Attack!.
  43. .CHP 43: Plan B Successful.
  44. .CHP 44: In search for help.
  45. .CHP 45: 1st recruits.
  46. .CHP 46: Hard at work.
  47. .CHP47: Upgrading chances.
  48. .CHP 48: Criminals getting comfortable.
  49. .CHP 49: More To Gather.
  50. .CHP 50: Unsuccessful Attempt.
  51. .CHP 51: One More To Go.
  52. .CHP 52: Almost Ready For Return.
  53. .CHP 53: Group Meeting.
  54. .CHP 54: Vampire Get Together.
  55. .CHP 55: Observing and Planning.
  56. .CHP 56: Wait and Inspection.
Nine Tailed Mutant Legend (OTMC)

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