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Jan 23, 2020: If you've never read a Batkevin74 story, you are in for a treat. For several years, he has been one of the most prolific writers on the Fan-Fic forum. I don't think he has ever failed to join a group and write something, and dang if it's not always great. In fact, even when he phones it in -which happens occasionally in the CCC- it's usually great by the end. This is an unique ability, because it leaves you wanting to read more, but also with chagrin that the story could have been even better. It leaves you wondering how great that story would have been, considering how great the one you just read turned out.

Speaking of the CCC, Batkevin74 has the singular distinction of being the only writer on the forum who has entered every contest so far. He has vowed that he's in until CCC #100, and then he's done. As we're currently on CCC #95, I have to say that he's earned the rest. He's entered even when he hated the theme, sometimes at the last minute (it happens), but always with something cool to read. See if you can find the one that turned into a Bewitched fan-fic. Many of the stories he wrote for the CCC can only be found on the CCC threads, but there are a handful that he's run with, developing them further into multi-chapter stories. These include (among others) Galactic Pope, Time of the Bat Comics, Amalgam World, and even Shame Faced Crab Man.

Batkevin's stories will keep you reading for hours, and your only disappointment will be when there's not more to read. Enjoy.

Note: There is at least one post that has the notation "OTMC." That means One Thread Multi-Chapter. Links to each chapter are given here so they can be found easily without scrolling through comments.

The Links:

15 Minute Writing Challenge (Just Write) (contributions)
The 40's: The Man From 1973
Alternate History (and alternate history theme)
A League of Bastards
  1. .A League of Bastards Part 1.
  2. .A League of Bastards Part 2.

AH Tales

Note: These are not necessarily related tales, but are numbered to show in what order they were released.

  1. .Alternate History Tales: 1963.
  2. .Alternate History Tales: 1914.
  3. .Alternate History Tales: 1981.

AH: World War II

  1. .Alternate History: World War II Part 1.
  2. .Alternate History: World War II Part 2.

Other Stories

15 Minute Writing Challenge AH Stories

CCC AH Stories:

Amalgam World/ New Amalgam Universe/ Return To Amalgam (all connected)
Batkevin74's Quid Pro Quo Review (and others)
Chronos Cops
Cosmic Cross Over Event
  1. .Sharpshot/Scalphunter: Cosmic Cross Over Event #1. (1)
  2. .Sharpshot/Scalphunter: Cosmic Cross Over Event #2. (1)
  3. .Spider-Rogue/Thresher: Cosmic Cross Over Event #3. (2) [see also: CCC #8: The Thresher]
  • (1) Cross-referenced with Marvel Iron Age, by batkevin74, and Sharpshot, by TommytheHitman.
  • (2) Cross-referenced with Wildvine > Marvel Nexus > Spider-Rogue.
Dungeons & Dragons
Earthbound: Gaiya
Gangland: 9th Dragon
  1. .Gangland: 9th Dragon #1.
  2. .Gangland: 9th Dragon #2.
Gary Fish
Hellworld: Merchant of The Wastelands
Horror Inc
Imp.1 Project
MacCurlverse: Shadows & Strings
Rangers of Freedom, The
Resilient: The Secret Lives of Nancy & Dion (see also: TommytheHitman)
Shame Faced Crab Man/ Zenith and Nadir (shared universe)
Splicers: The Orwells
Star Wars
Tales of the Galactic Pope
Time Of The Bat Comics
Time's Five
U.N X7
Wild Western
World Wrestling Entertainment: Alternate Parallel Universe


  • from 15 Minute Writing Challenge
Kick-A-Long Saga
Star Trek

Stories Based On Songs

  • (contest) entries only
  • *Cross-referenced
Other Stories

Writers Guild Presents, The (contributions)

  • see also: AARSS
  • see also: Alternate History: World War II
  • see also: Marvel Mayhem
  • see also: Miscellaneous: DC
  • see also: Tales of the Galactic Pope
  • see also: What If?
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