Broke comp.

So, my home computer crashed last week, it completely died, and it looks like it's going to be a while before i can afford a new one.
Among other things i'll have to cut down hard on the number of comics i get, which sucks because it looks like 2009 is going to be quite a good year with Dark Reign and other stuff. Lots of titles i was looking forward to.
Oh well, those things happen.


Dupes update

As some of you may have noticed i've been working on the dupe pages quite a lot lately with great help from KillerZ, Baal Zak and others.
We've gotten rid of  ~2500 dupe pages so far, and i've transformed a couple of hundreds into new character pages, but there's still plenty of work to do.
I feel like we're finally getting somewhere since i've been extremely annoyed with the amount of dupe pages since the beginning of Comicvine. :)

Anyway as i've been combining entries quite a few real-life people have popped up, and one thing has been bothering me a bit and that is what publisher we should put them under. I know that we usually put characters under the most recent publisher, but in this case it's a bit impractical. Firstly many of the real-life people have been published by over 20 different publishers, and it's not very practical to keep changing it every month. Also i think it looks a bit wrong with "Adolf Hitler is a Marvel Comics character", not only because it looks like Marvel claims ownership over the character in this example, but i think it also can get confusing for new users.

For now i've been putting those under the publisher A as a placeholder, thinking about making a publisher called People or something to put them under. Any ideas or opinions on this?


Avengers: The Initiative

I have no clear favourite, there are many good books right now but no awesomely super-great one. If i were to choose just one i'd say Avengers: The Initiative. I particurlary like the use of so many old C- and D- list characters.

Honorable mentions for Nova, Captain Britain, X-Factor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thunderbolts and Incredible Hercules.


Rogue or Mimic

Anyone of those would be lethal. Just borrow the idea behind Sylar, and there you have a really dangerous villain.


I suck at blogging.

Yep. I can never come up with any interesting things to ramble about.
Anyway here's a song i listened to today while submitting disney comics.
Strapping Young Lad - AAA, it's from youtube so the sound is crappy, but anyway it's an awesome song.

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