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I've been reading comics for about two years now and have a good friend to thank for constantly urging me to give them a shot. The

only passion I have that supercedes comics, would be music, I don't play any instruments, but discovering new music is something I've been working diligently at since I was a kid. I enjoy all types of music and will give anything a chance. I also enjoy movies, again many kinds, but I like movies that make you think, but also love movies that allow you to just laugh like a fool for 90 minutes. I don't watch much in the way of television, but I do read books aside from comics, generally high fantasy, occasionally I'll leave my comfort zone, usually for a recommendation.

I work a lot it feels like and try to fill my weekends with my friends or family, but sometimes end up spending the majority of time with my pillow, we have a pretty good relationship and it understands my wants and needs.

Batman is my favorite hero period.