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Ok then, now for Shippuden Sasuke and Part 1 Sasuke. (This is for those that actually thought this, I've already Covered the Sasuke participating in this battle already, on post #132) If you forget this, I WILL END YOU FOR BEING SO BLIND AND UNNATTENTIVE.

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Part 1 Sasuke is somewhere between Supersonic - Lightning Timer

Though closer to the supersonic section of things, his Chidori is measly compared to something like Kakashi's Chidori or Raikiri for that matter.

We know that Jirobo's curse mark in the first stage gave a reasonable power boost. Let's assume it's x2 since he's part of the sound four and therefore it's reasonably special. By Stage two curse mark, he'd gotten an x 10 boost. Sasuke's curse mark (The Heaven Curse Mark) is on par with the Earth Curse Mark, both are considered the most powerful of all the curse marks. Therefore, we can safely assume that all power multipliers are easily above all previously mentioned for Jirobo's curse mark.

At a bare minimum, if we'd assume that its x10 like Jirobo's (Which it isn't, don't worry, I'm not stupid) Sasuke's speed should at least be 10x Supersonic.

Now, obviously, I don't have to point out that Kratos is stronger and faster than this Sasuke, so piss off SasuTards (I luv you)

Part 1 Sasuke has limited Jutsu's, nothing to Kratos in this case, as his chakra is nothing to what it's like in Shippuden. And Sasuke has a bunch of wires, Shuriken and Kunai. He hasn't been shown using Chidori with any of these weapons, so nothing to really note here. It's GG.

Naturally, by this point, it's GG, but you guys are resilient just like the GOW lovers, so let's keep on with this analysis.

Many of you would point out that in my previous statement about why the Versus Sasuke that we're all supposed to be debating - getting off topic - but I mentioned that his Susanoo could fly, and that Kratos could not; therefore gg. BUT!! The curse mark takes a toll on its user, which means that they can't use it for too long. Meaning that he'd have to eventually have to come back to the ground. And you may also be saying, "But he'd also just hide away from Kratos until he'd replenish his chakra and try again" Yeah, there's such a thing as running to where you're targeting, and by my logic, Kratos should be faster than Sasuke.

He's still very intelligent here, though I really doubt he'd figure out something against Kratos with this kind of limited arsenal. And if we're discussing Genjutsu, Sasuke doesn't really show any Genjutsu this early on in the series, he isn't strong with it either. SO PART 1 SASUKE LOSES, Sasuke lovers, stop overrating Sasuke too much, GOW is a respectable game with some respectable debaters.

On to time skip Shippuden Sasuke with Orochimaru Absorbed

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So this Sasuke is pretty much the same with Part 1 Sasuke, except buffed strength and some Orochimaru style Jutsu's with his own widened arsenal and trained intelligence. And he has Manda as a summon.

By this point, his stronger Jutsu's like Chidori should effect Kratos, and his fire Jutsu's for the most part, may graze him, but not really do anything. Jutsu's like Kirin should definitely work against Kratos, if not K.O him then and there, that is depending on if he's able to set it up with Kratos attacking him.

Kratos is definitely a lightning timer, so let's discuss this Sasuke's speed. His base form could've killed Team 7 then and there if he wanted to at first sight. It's safe to say that he's stronger and faster than Kakashi when compared to when he was during Part 1 (That being Part 1Sasuke < Kakashi)

With his Sharingan reaction time, his attacks should be well into the High Supersonic ranges. His improved use of the curse mark and his growth of chakra from ageing means that he now has not only a stronger cursed form, but that he can maintain it longer (Especially with Orochimaru Chakra) Whether this form takes him into lightning timer is debatable, but at the very least, he should be close to it, as, at this point of the story, there's not too much different from when he was in the Five Kage Summit. I admit, perhaps it's his ever-growing hatred mixed with his MS that heightened the potency of his chakra, which allowed him to dodge the Raikage (But like I said, not too much difference)

Sasuke really isn't too much for the hand to hand, and he is intelligent enough to try to understand the enemy before he does something to stuff up. So it's most likely that he'd test his ground instead of rushing headfirst into battle with Kratos. With his Sharingan, he should be able to keep up in hand to hand, definitely in his Cursed State.

In the Part 1 Sasuke bit, I discussed whether or not his ability to fly would allow him to beat Kratos like in his EMS/RINNEGAN section I discussed a couple posts ago. At this point, he can use the cursed state longer, so perhaps he could K.O Kratos, but even I wouldn't rule out the possibilities. He could still run out of Chakra before finishing him off, maybe this is when he begins to set up Kirin.

He can summon Manda, and that's a good vantage point I suppose or something to stay away from Kratos. (But we all know what Kratos would do to a giant snake now wouldn't we *quick time event much*)

His Genjutsu at this point is potent enough to help in battle, so this adds another advantage in my books.

Kirin should easily kill Kratos depending on if he somehow evades it or not, though I'm half doubting, half not doubting the possibilities of a death by Kirin. His Chidori varients should add some element of hand to hand and some strategic play on Sasuke's part.

By this point, this is the deciding factor to who would win between these two.

For the most part, I'd say Sasuke, though Kratos does have a good chance of winning if the circumstances are right or the fight goes awry for Sasuke. (Or if my calculations are incorrect - which they shouldn't be, cos they're databook checked: I've been doing this for a while now)

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@socajunkie said:

Sasuke mismatch.

You can say that again, I actually really like Kratos, can't wait for the new game. But people really punch him above what he really is without a second thought, it's kind of getting annoying.

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Is this thread still active?

Kratos stomps, he smashed Aphrodite (I know I would, [Both Kratos and Aphodite])

GG, no comment, don't @me Nah mate f off, Kratos is god slayer

Yeah totally stands a chance against Sasuke lmao.

So let's stop with the crap and actually get on with the show.

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For all those people who say that Genjutsu can't affect people without chakra, stop, ordinary people without Chakra in the Naruto world have shown effects under the infinite Tsukiyomi, now this is the most powerful Genjutsu, yes, but Sasuke's no slouch with Genjutsu. Now I'll be fair, I wouldn't go to say that he has Tsukuyomi levels of feat where Itachi can kill a person by overwhelming their mind in a very small fraction of time.

Do you want feats? Ok, here you go. This is from the Itachi Gaiden novel, think of it what you may.

No Caption Provided

Now I'm not saying that Sasuke's Genjutsu is that powerful, but it is along those levels of speed. Sasuke more or less uses his Genjutsu for minuscule changes in his opponent's perception. Now then, for those of you that have seen Naruto, you'll remember when Sasuke Genjutsu'd Sakura with the Rinnegan, have any of you taken into account how god damn powerful he's gotten at Genjutsu... he isn't even a natural at it (It means he can Genjutsu someone with the highest level of chakra control next to Tsunade, the biggest thing needed for breaking out of Genjutsu if I may so correctly add) And it didn't like change her perception or anything, it knocked her out god damn cold (MAKE OF IT WHAT YOU WILL - I IMPLORE YOU #No Homo).

So you're not convinced he can destroy Kratos with this? Ok. moving on you manchild.

Kakashi before the time of part 1 was able to cut lightning, I'm too lazy to find the feat where Gai says it, but you guys can do me a favour can't you? So, he's improved to such a point since then that he's been able to go from using Chidori once or twice and then collapsing to be able to fight continuously all the way through the war, Seven Ninja Swordsmen and everything.

Why am I talking about Kakashi? Because Sasuke can do what he can but better, and way earlier on in Shippuden may I remind you. He's stupidly powerful. In fact, he's so much more powerful than Kakashi, Kishimoto had to give the poor guy Kamui for a fucking while. KAMUI (AKA. Too fucking overpowered for those of you that don't know)

Sasuke is faster than Kakashi by now, much faster, that six paths chakra amp wasn't just for show you know? Can any of the gods do this badass shit? The Databooks prove that Naruto and Sasuke are above lightning timers, as Naruto could dodge Sage Art: Light Fang from point blank range... POINT BLANK RANGE. (Not exactly point blank, but bloody well too close if you ask me) And if Naruto is at that speed, so is Sasuke. Plus, did I mention he could teleport... no? Well, there you go.

Naruto characters have been shown to react and dodge lightning, watch Raikage vs Sasuke for that. Now Chakra is something that really can pump up the power for Jutsu's, so I'm really lowering the standards for what they could probably do by using real-world references.

IF YOU'RE STILL NOT CONVINCED, then let's get onto Intelligence.

He's really fucking smart, talented and supplied with an abundance of Jutsu's. There's really no way he's NOT outsmarting Kratos. Any of the Rinnegan abilities supply him a shit tonne of things as well, *note, not all of them he's used for KISHIMOTO reasons*

So let me list the Rinnegan and Sharingan Abilities:

The Deva Path grants the user the ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces with objects and people.

Someone like pain who isn't even that good at using the Rinnegan is capable of Destroying a village, shall I remind you that Sasuke's eye is literally the Sage of Six Path's, the one who made the god damn moon. Pain is nothing compared to someone like Sasuke, Madara or Hagaromo. The Deva Path can grant people the use of Chibaku Tensei... yeah... search it up.

The Asura Path grants the user the ability to augment their own body to summon mechanised armour and various ballistic and mechanical weaponry. (For Some Reason Sasuke Hasn't used this, but this is definitely a Rinnegan ability, Sasuke can use it)

The Human Path grants a Rinnegan user the ability to read the mind of any target by placing his hand on the target's head or chest and yanking the soul out of the body. Though it provides intel by getting well-guarded secrets, the technique inevitably kills the target.

The Animal Path: Completely useless, let's skip it, I can see why he doesn't use it.

The Preta Path grants the user the ability to absorb chakra in any form. (But If guys don't care about the Chakra aspect then whatever, this doesn't matter)

The Other Path is also useless.

Search up what the Sharingan can do, I'm too lazy. Let's just get onto his Mangekyou abilities.

Susanoo is fucking death incarnate (And It's not slow like all the GOW bosses either XD) It can slice apart meteors and can slice apart mountains from a distance, using just the air pressure. It has a stupidly impressive defence, especially when in its perfect state. It's no slouch in speed plus it can fly, no big deal. OH WAIT HE CAN FLY! THAT'S GG, WHY THE HELL HAS NOBODY ELSE THOUGHT OF THIS YET... Ugh... sometimes my own people man. F! SO IF YOU AREN'T CONVINCED YET THEN I CAN GO ON FOREVER!



Ho Boi, if by some miracle of a chance that Kratos isn't dead yet, let's get to this mofo.

Like getting burned? Like getting 1st-degree burns? Like Getting Second Degree Burns? Like 3rd? Then you'll love the thing that'll make wildfire from game of thrones look unoriginal and weak. Amaterasu is the speed of sight (not light) + the user's reaction time. Sasuke's reaction as we've already outlined is no joke, (Mid Shippuden, he was reacting to lightning timers like it was nothing, man the Sharingan can do wonders)

Amaterasu hits Kratos, Sasuke flies into the sky, Kratos burns cos he can't fly that high, Kratos dies. GG, what more do I have to prove? The possibilities, there are literally a thousand ways Sasuke could kill him!


So let's say you're not convinced, and a certain person by my name has had enough of your sh*&, will you stop... get some help... stay away from me.

P.S I'm sorry if the top comments were really bad, it's all good and fun, I love you.

If any of you want me to debate whether Shippuden Curse Mark or Part 1 Sasuke would win, just ask, but I'll spoil you for part 1 (Sasuke won't win for Part 1, LOL) Actually, I might do this anyway, with or without you guys asking.

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@ssj_god: Fine, whatever. To each, their own opinion.

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@ssj_god: Different story, different issue. The Extras on the Naruto Manga provide primary sources to what can and what cannot be done. Plus... <3 flash btw

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@ssj_god: Sorry to interrupt, but I'll be right back, just having dinner atm.

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@ssj_god: The showing in the story is that Sasuke has the Rinnegan, thats basically a green card right there.

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@ssj_god: Are you saying that if official sources state that Gogeta is dozens of times Goku, you wouldn't believe it? Just as an example.

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@ssj_god: Official sources from manga and extras, plus added bonuses on extras state this clearly.

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