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“Half man, half amazing.”

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Real Name: Felix Augustus Faraday.

Aliases: Hercules; The Adamantium Proletarian, The Neutron Son; The Diamond Delegate; The Spartan Child; The Prince of Power; Petty Protector of Portland; Kaiju Kid/Kaiju Killer/King Kaiju; The Teriyaki Boy; The Boy Who Ate; He-Who-Ate-All-The-Caviar; Father Panic; Herc the Dank Engine of Super-Procrastination.

Age: 19 y/o.

Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Eye Color: Cornflower Blue.

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 211 lbs.

Species: Dar'vnite.

Gender: ♂ Male.

Alignment: Himself.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Birthplace: Poverty Flats; GC.

Relationship Status: Single.

Occupation: Super-Hero.


  • Csár & Grace Faraday (Biological Parents.)
  • Eleanor Faraday (Aunt; Adoptive Mother.)

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Dar'vnite Physiology

Felix is a unique hybrid of the Dar'vnite and Human species. This race of aliens sports a wide array of superhuman abilities due to the nature of their home enviroment and ideology: losely synonymous with earthern "Survival of the Fittest". Morphologically, members of the alien warrior race are nigh-identical to a human but their internal anatomy alienates greatly. Dar'vnite ancestors developed a means to significantly hasten their personal evolution by assimilating beneficial genotypes from fallen opponents through a process called 'The Quickening'. Through these means they are able to absorb the essence of their foes into their own and invoke a metamorphosis. Modern Dar'vnites, due to absorbing the essence of a species of star-like conquerors, have the innate disposition grow stronger after every encounter or when they push themselves past their limits. The prime of a Dar'vnite's life means that their body consists fully of neutron matter.

It is believed that the Dar'vnites use the inter-molecular energy that their hyperdense make-ups generate to fuel some of their abilities. However, as a hybrid and a teenager Felix is nowhere near his full potential. Also, as a Dar'vnite, Felix's aging process is retarded. Their aging slows down in proportion with their age. While his aging process occured at a normal pace during his adolescence, it is now progressively slowing down. He will most likely be several millenia old at the time of his death.

Physical Vertex:

Boundless Strength:

Augmented Agility:

Super-Speed Bursts:

Peizokinetic Combat:


Superhuman Stamina:

Extracelluar Matrix:

Full Immunity:

Superior Neurophysiology:

Hyperthymesia: Felix possesses a truly distinctive memory. This immensely powerful autobiografical ability allows him to seamlessly remember every detail he has witnessed in the past, every detail. Things like individual faces in large masses of people, complex numerical sequences and background sounds and smells. Arbitrary, inconsequent specks of information that we all filter out during everyday lives he recalls with intimate clarity. Due to this, Felix's personal growth rate and learning curve have prodigal escalation by virtue of absorbing knowledge at blinding speeds, but also appropriate skills and replicate motions with terrifying ease.

Spatial Awareness via Super-Senses:

Shatterpoint Detection:

Dar'vnite Warmind:

The Quickening:

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Old Power


The Almanach of Existence

(Skills; Knowledge)


  • Handyman: Due to growing up in a house that demanded constant, cheap maintainment, Felix has grown into a capable "do-it-yourself" worker. He's very savvy in regards to maintainment, repair and operation of houses common objects (cars, electronics, plumbing, home improvement etc.) and can wield a nail-gun like a proper sharpshooter. Furthermore, this skill is reinforced by his deep knowledge of mechanics, engineering and technology to afford space for an inventive penchant.
  • Gouken: -

Ring of Eternity

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