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Propsal to Betty 0

This time Archie is traveling a different road through life.  In this scenario, he's changed things up and is proposing to Betty.  Completely different twist than the prior issues. I read this with my daughter and there many things she really liked about it.  The first thing that tickled her funny bone was the food fight at the graduation party.  Jughead of course does the best job of dealing with the situation.  Heaven forbid if anything hits the floor when he's around.  She also thought how Ar...

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Campfire Stories 0

So, the toys are getting set up for a campfire with a big old campfire story telling.  Each one is set to out do the prior story.  Isn't that really what the campfire stories are really supposed to be?  I enjoyed this one solely from the perspective of remembering those time as a Boy Scout and telling stories around the fire, trying to scare each other and tell a better/bigger story than the last person's story.   Then, towards the end of the night, everybody has been telling and hearing stories...

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Toys Vacation 0

Andy is going on a cruise and the toys are getting themselves ready for the event.  Which ones will get to go and which ones will have to stay home.  Andy is allowed to pack a bag of toys when he goes on vacation. Jessie really wants to go on a vacation and is trying to find out from the other toys, what is the best way to make sure she's selected as one of the toys that goes with. This comic is geared towards the kids and really works on that level.  It's got got art and pictures that tell the ...

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Batman's Work is Never Done 0

So what is a typical week like for our Caped Crusader?  Well, this issue gives us a peek.  It's no rest for our hero.  This is another good showing for Batman and for the younger crowd... or us young at heart.  My son and I enjoyed this issue.  There just a bunch of little pieces crammed together to make one issue.  I particularly liked the section with Jonah Hex in it.  Seeing him in the "cartoonish" setting of Brave and the Bold was funny.   We get the usual fun humor that we've come to expect...

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Bury Me In Hell 0

Hex is on the trail of Loco, and he's being paid good money to kill him in a horrible way.  Loco is leaving a trail of of scalps and dead people... doing unimaginable things to them along the way.  We get a flashback to Jonah's time has a boy.  It's a nice link in the story.  It makes it personal for Jonah.  He's seen these evil's before.   This is a rare thing with Hex, we get to see an emotional side to him.  He sees the evil in this monster and he's not about to let him get away with what he'...

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Power, Man. 0

The Avengers are looking for another member of their squad.  They want Luke Cage to join up and he needs some convincing.  This entire issue is pretty much focused on the Avengers trying to convince Luke Cage to join up with them.  They pull out all the stops, showing him all the gadgets, cool pad, but something is missing.  Luke really enjoys cleaning up the streets and fighting the super villains is not really his style.  It's going to take a lot for the Avengers to convince him it's the right...

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Sooo-Wheeee!!! 0

The Avengers at a country fair... what trouble could they get into, right?  Plenty of course.  My son many favorite parts in this issue.  The Hulk is at the center at quite a few of them.  The set up is, the Avengers are at the Country Fair to spread a little goodwill with the people.  Judging the pie contest, chasing a runaway pig, you know, the usual.  Through the whole story, my son was laughing at one thing or another.   Nonstop tomfoolery from top to bottom. In the second story, Cap and Iro...

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Emerald Knight 0

My son and I read this one together and really enjoyed it.  I was a little skeptical at first.  Not being a big Green Lantern fan, I was hoping my opinions didn't sway him on this issue.  I'm glad to say, it had little effect on him or in fact, on me enjoying this issue. Right off the bat we are given some action and get the premise of what's happening.  Cyborg Superman has captured Hal Jordan and is attempting to steal his ring.  Hal releases the ring and it takes off on it's own to find find a...

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Road to Flashpoint 0

This issue has some aspects that I really liked, although it left me a bit disappointed.  It's really cool that Barry Allen is the "main" character in this issue.  He's looking into a strange case that's left a special person dead.  He's going to need to do some forensics work here.   That's an aspect of the character I like to see.  I also really enjoyed the short conversation between Barry and Iris.  He's opening up about his emotions and his parents and she's trying to get him to step back in...

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Beyond Belief! 4

Tim Drake's parents have been taken captive by the Obeah Man.  Wow, this is a serious issue.  We're dealing with some deep human emotions, and doing a good job of it.  Here's Tim Drake, a young man, just wanting to have his parents get along and they end up in the hands of a voodoo man wanting money from the company Jack Drake owns.  How is he coping with this situation.  Batman is feeling the pain as well.  He's doing all he can to find them.  I think it's interesting as well, as Tim points out...

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Shadow of the Sun 0

Tim Drake is looking to the future in this issue.  He's wondering if he's just a boy, or if he's got the mettle to take on the mask and cape of Robin.  Thinking one day he'll be a hero.  Pretty big shoes to fill there.   This issue was a good one.  Tim's parents are flying over Haiti and are forced down.  Seems the pilot is under a voodoo trance, placed on him by the Obeah Man.  Taken prisoner and held for ransom.  There's a lot going on here.  Tim is feeling so good at the beginning of the tale...

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Confrontation 0

Batman is tracking Croc... he's convinced that Croc shot squid and he's tracked him back to his lair, but with no luck in capturing him.  Batman is the ultimate detective, isn't he.  I truly like that aspect about him.  Trying to figure out his opponent and get the upper hand.  Why would Croc burn down his "house".   Now, on the other hand, when it comes to women, he just can't seem to figure things out.  He's out on a date with Vicki Vale and is making a mess of it.  I've never been a huge fan ...

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Deathgrip 0

Batman is caught by the Squid and in danger of getting drown.  Croc is in the background and watching closely. After reading this, I was pretty excited... was this one of the first appearances of Killer Croc?  Pretty cool.  I liked how he was just on the fringe, waiting for his chance to become part of the action.  He let Squid bumble his way around things.  This cat and mouse game that they are playing with each other is intriguing.   Ok, this character "Squid" was annoying to me.  He would do ...

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Christmas with the Squaddies! 0

My son and I were disappointed when we got this issue and it said this will be the last one.  This is one we really enjoy reading together and have a load of laughs with it.  Always a good story, with lots of fun and a decent message behind it.  This one being no different. The premise is, Santa runs into the Helicarrier and Santa gets hurt.  So, the Squaddies have to step up and deliver some presents for the big guy.  All in their own unique way.  Right off, we get a good thing to talk with the...

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Garden of Destiny 0

So, Batman has been merged with Tharok into a Terminator looking freak.  Supergirl is off across the galaxy with Lobo and the Book of Destiny is still lost. Let's start with Batman.  This Haruspex that mutated Tharok and Batman is causing some trouble.  This part left me just saying... huh?  I didn't see the point.  Why join them together.  I don't see what was gained.  I didn't feel it added to the story at all. Lobo and Supergirl are heading to the planet of Raan.  But Lobo wants to stop at ev...

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Lord of Time 0

Batman and Blue Beetle are teamed up to find the exotic weapon that left them in a snow storm outside of Vegas.  I'm not familiar with Blue Beetle, so I was interested in this issue.  Find out what he's like.  I was underwhelmed to begin with.  Ok, you are a superhero, I know Batman is old school and a icon, but to become a blithering idiot and act like a teenage girl who just got a chance to meet the Beatles... please.   Supergirl is still on Ventura and looking for a guide off the planet and o...

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All the Rage.. in Paris? 0

Batman, or is that Batmen, are in Paris.  Seems there's some murders going on in Paris and Bruce Wayne thinks he can help the situation.  Enter Batman, Inc.  Wayne is trying to push his version of justice on a head of police that doesn't see Batman as a good fit for his city. I'm a little confused here... does Bruce really need permission to launch an arm of Batman, Inc?  Has he ever really worked inside the law?  He's a vigilante and vigilante's are not part of the law enforcement.  I struggled...

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Ventura 0

The book that Roulette was trying to destroy is gone, taken by an assassin back tot he planet of Ventura.  Ventura is a gaming planet, meaning it's one huge gambling hall.  The book that was stolen is the Book of Destiny and tells of all things, past, present and future.  Helpful on a gaming planet, huh? I like Supergirl, but I'm not really hip on how she was portrayed at the beginning of this issue.  Ok, she's beautiful (and beautifully drawn here), but really, does she need to be "throwing her...

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The Thief of Night! 0

Seems Batman can't get his hands on this thief that works in the shadows.  He get's a chance to nab him in the warehouse district while he's stealing a fur coat.  Not only does he miss out on the collar, but he gets his name in the paper for letting him get away.   There's plenty of action between Night-Thief and Batman spattered throughout this issue, but the things that got me interested more were the other character developments.  Bruce and Jason have a relationship that is building.  The tru...

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Betrayal! 0

The Micronauts are back in the Kingdom of Aegypta.  Immediately upon their return, they are attack by Dog Soldiers.   Those the Micronauts thought they could trust... Prince Pharoid and Prince Argon have turned against them.  Argon's thirst for power has led him to be mistrustful. If this issue doesn't remind us of the slippery slop of power.  How Argon has gone mad with power and have become mistrustful of everyone.  We see this everyday in our lives.   Dr. Strange makes more of an appearance h...

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Tropica! 0

After Acroyear was blinded by the comet, he has crash landed on the planet of Tropica.  Here he quickly gets into trouble by assuming the beast in his presence is trying to attack him.  He soon learns that the Devil is not an enemy but a creature that only wants to bring happiness and joy to others.  This issue really focuses on Acroyear, which I like.  He's on Tropica and finds out quickly that the inhabitants spend their days just playing a child's game.  The winner of the game will receive th...

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Avatars of Vengeance 0

I finally got my hands on a comic with Man-Bat in it.  I was pretty excited when I was able to get a decent copy of this one.  Man-Bat has become a workaholic and in doing so, has forgotten to take the medicine that keeps him from changing into the Man-Bat.  There are some things I really liked about this issue.  There's a lot of personal stuff going on here.  This issue is not so much about what is happening between Man-Bat and Batman, but more what is happening to the people during this time a...

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Roulette 0

I found a great deal on this series... the entire lot... and decided to buy it.  I really liked the old Brave and the Bold, team-ups of characters every month.  Get to see characters I might not follow to closely, or might not have heard of and see what they do and who they are.  Really enjoyed that.  So, was hoping this would be some of the same.  In a way it was, but it's not. Green Lantern and Batman are teamed up here to find out why they found a body... what appears to be the same body in t...

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Pepper Potts at the End of the World 0

At the end of the last issue, Tony was in the process of being blown up at a party.  This issue picks up where the last one left off.  He's good, he's good.  Pepper Potts has taken a pretty good beating by the explosion and is in rough shape.  She'll need some help from Tony to pull through this one. I like this issue better than the previous ones.  It was not near as dark and troubling for us.   It was more story than action.  Laying the groundwork for things to come.  We get to find out more o...

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Murder, Inc. 0

We are back with Tony and trying to find out the cause of the terrorist attacks using what appears to be Iron Man's technology.  There's a good scene at the beginning to make us remember why Iron Man is one of our favorites.  He's taking on M.O.D.O.G. and making good sport of it.  Classic Iron Man if you ask this old timer.  Shortly thereafter, we get thrown back into the darkness.  Back in the Philippines there's another attack brewing.  Many of the country's heroes are getting an award for the...

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Armageddon Days 0

I was thrown into a dark mood immediately in this issue.  The terrorist event at the very beginning is a scary thought to say the least.  Destroying life like that.  Maybe it was just too real for me.  My son didn't like it either.  It's was just a little frightening for us. Tony is now trying to find out how this could have happened.  It appears that some of Stark technology is behind it.   We also have Mr. Ezekiel Stane showing off some technology that is very similar to what Tony can do with ...

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What Comes Around... 0

Wow, not what I expected.  I was expecting another great Flash story and here I am, reading all about Captain Boomerang.  I must admit, I don't know much about this man called Digger.   Where did he come from?  What is he up to?This is an interesting issue to say the least.  It didn't take long into this issue that I realized that this was not going to be an issue about Flash.  It's the Digger issue to say the least.  He's up to something.  He's breaking into a prison, but we don't find out why ...

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De La Muerte 0

I was concerned when then announcement came that the creative team behind this title was going to change.  I enjoyed the first ten issues of this series so much, I was worried it might drop off with the change.  I'm glad to report that my concerns (so far) are unfounded. Issue eleven throws us right back into the mix.  Seems there's a new gang in town that doesn't realize (or care) that this is the Green Hornet's turf.  They are Los Hijos De La Muerte!  They are quite the ruthless sort.  Even ha...

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One Nation 0

We are back in Centerville and Cap is faced with a terrorist situation.  This second issue of the series once again left me feeling a little cheated.  There's not a lot of story as far as I'm concerned.  Most of the story is painted out with pictures and not a lot of verbiage to go with it.  There's entire pages with no more than 8-10 words on them.  Don't get me wrong, I really like good art and this issue has it... but I want a story to go along with it.  I want to understand the characters, k...

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Enemy, Chapter One 0

This was a really hard issue for me to read, get a handle on, and now try to review.  What a weird set of emotions this one conveyed to me.  It really revolves around the events of 9/11 and the aftermath.  How we were as a community and a nation after those events.  How people were not sure of the lines between who is the enemy is who isn't.  Here's Steve Rogers, Captain America... really, the embodiment of all that is right and just about our nation, walking the streets and trying to make sense...

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Fright Knight 0

I picked this up on the recommendation from one of the guys at my local comic shop.  I usually don't get this title.  He said it is a fun read and so I gave it a try.  For the most part I enjoyed it. The art is really very good.  All aspects of this issue where pleasing that way. The banter between Supergirl and Robin was pretty funny.  I have to agree there.  For entertainment value this issue hit the spot.  Fun and funny read that you didn't need to be a follower of this title to enjoy.  The c...

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Saber-Tooth is a Very Deadly Beast 3

A case of mistaken identity has taken place.  The neighbor of miss Fiona Webb seems to think that Barry Allen has tried to kill her.  Of course, Barry has not alibi.    A few things I liked about this issue.  There's an interesting story taking place here.  And it's not the story of Saber-Tooth.  In my mind, this story developing in the background that involves the mysterious Mr. Malverk is more interesting than Saber-Tooth.  He's a dead ringer for Barry Allen.  There seems to be some bad blood ...

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Reverse Flash 0

When we return to this story, Professor Zoom has the group of speedsters all trapped in his Neuron Gauntlet.  It looks like Walter West, aka Flash is about to meet his doom.  With Replicant, Professor Zoom and Kadabra all ready to take a shot at him, it's not looking good... or for any of the Flashes for that matter. Once again, this issue drops us right into the action with no chance to catch our breath.  I like that.  It's a great way to draw us right back in after the cliff hanger from last i...

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Setting the Stage 0

Flash is in Venice with Angela and has just proposed, when the proverbial wheels come off.  Suddenly attacked by Replicant, he throws Angela into the water and freezes it over.  She's stuck under the ice.  How creepy is that, trapped under the ice.   Immediately in this issue, we are thrown into the mix.  Replicant attacks and Flash is trying to save his beloved Angela.   I think it's a great twist to the plot... as it looks like Replicant is going to defeat our hero, he's... poof... gone.  I mu...

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Millionaire Contract 2

Boss Thorne has hired Deadshot to take out Bruce Wayne.  Little does he know that Alfred has hired the Human Target to take Bruce's place while Batman is recovering from his attack from the Vampiri.   Alfred and Dick also conspire on how to disprove Vicki Vale's theory that Batman and Bruce are the same person. There is the continued story of Boss Thorne going on here.  He's still out to get Bruce Wayne.  In this case, getting a hired gun named Deadshot to take him out.  There's many plot lines ...

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The Package 0

When I first got this issue... I took a look at the cover and thought to my self... "What the....???"  The more I looked at it I thought, "huh, Hex surrounded by circus freaks, you know that kinda works".  The penciled cover is really striking I think.  The details of the circus folk is interesting and well done.  Interesting. The story opens with a couple of guys contemplating the future of the nation, seems a little deep for a Hex book, but let's go with it.  There we go... there are shot down...

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Look-A-Like Issue 0

My Daughter and I just got done reading this issue.  She likes when people are confused with others.  She gets a kick out of that.  In this case, Zatara gets mistaken for Superboy (and vice versa).  I got a kick out of Robin.... just sitting there eating his cereal and giving out his two cents.  Well, I guess it is the most important meal of the day??? We (both of us) got a kick out of the box of cereal... where did that come from??  Aqua-oh's??  too funny.  I also really liked the table clothe....

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Elf'th Day of Christmas 0

It's Christmas time again and I was really looking forward to reading this with my daughter.  Took me a while to get it done though.  The premise of this story is cute... it's kind of like Archie in the movie "Ground Hog Day".  The gang shows up every Christmas Eve and watches the "Snowstorm Archie" show up.  He's realized the it's Christmas Eve and he is not ready for it. We got a kick out of how Archie scrambles around trying to get everything done in one day.  He's throwing up lights, making ...

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The Big Payoff! 0

Well, it seems the Avengers have gotten themselves into a little trouble with the IRS.  I thought to myself... now how can this be interesting for a young person to read about... like they know or even care about taxes.  Well, they make a deal with the IRS agent that if they can get certain people (bad guys) to pay their taxes, there will be no reason for some of the Avengers to reveal their secret identity to the IRS. We end up with a lot of short little action sequences with the avengers tryin...

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Good Things Come.. 0

The Avengers are in California and trying to enjoy a day at the beach.  Well, most of the group is trying to enjoy a day at the beach... some of the members don't like water that much.   Once again, Hulk just steals the show for my son.  His antics just crack up my son.  Of course, Hulk isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and when he sees somebody buried in the sand he thinks that person needs rescuing.  These things just crack up my son. Iron Man and Luke Cage decide to have a little fishing co...

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