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Luke Skywalker Respect Thread

Luke does in nowhere get the respect that he should. This thread was made to gain him more.

Silver2467 had already made one, which somehow disappeared.

Respect Luke Skywalker.

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Here he manipulates a black hole.

Luke sank back into the chair and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and reached out through the Force. He let his sense of things ride above the frayed ones' jagged profile and vectored in toward the vehicle. He got no solid sense of it directly, though a few frayed ones did appear to be housed inside. Instead he used that emptiness as a way point to search out a void, and as it formed, the black hole blossomed fully in the Force.

The void that the vehicle's dovin basals created to intercept the missiles was a gravitic anomaly that had substance in the real world. Tiny threads of the Force leaked into it as insects and birds, bats and bugs were pulled into it. Luke used their vanishing life traces and the very currents in the air that the void created to define the void. He traced its edges, knew exactly where it was, and knew how powerful it was.

He opened himself to the Force more fully than he had in years. He sought more power than he had when freeing his nephew. The Force flooded into him, at once molten-metal hot, yet as soothing as a cool rain. It swirled through him, filling every cell of his body, freeing him from fatigue, sharpening his mind.

Luke reached out with that power and latched onto the void that the Yuuzhan Vong vehicle had created. He pushed a bit, then tugged, in nanoseconds getting a feel for the power the dovin basals were able to exert to control the void. He almost smiled, since that amount of power was nothing compared to the Force, but he stopped himself short of pride in that fact.

Taken from The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide I Credits to @deronn_solo

Builds a structure from huge rocks, and makes them swirl around him like a invisible screen.

He sat down on the sand cross legged and straight backed and brought his hands together in his lap, fingertip to fingertip. Concentrating on a picture in his mind Luke dipped his awareness deeply into the flow of the Force beneath him. With eyes that looked inward he found what he was seeking. Like flaws in a near-perfect crystal. He extended his will.

The sand around him stirred. The rocks shuddered and shifted than began to arise from the sea and the sand as of sifted from them by an invisible screen. Swirling through tHe air as they sought their place, the stones took shape as broken wall and shattered foundation, as arch and gate and dome - the ruins of Darth Vader's fortress retreat. It hung in the air around and above Luke as it had once stood atop the cliff a darkfaced and forbidding edifice.

Now the stones swirled again in the air joined by others plucked from the sea and stripped from the face of the cliff. Now broken edge fused against broken edge and the dark faces of the rock lightened as teor mineral structures were reshuffled. Now heavy rock walls and floors thinned to an airy elegance as if they were clay in a potters press. Now a tower stretched skyward until it rose above the edge of the cliff.

When it was done the last gap closed the last rock transformed the structure securely perched just above the rock on pillars of stone.

Taken from Before the Storm.

He uses TK to somehow levitate himself and Isolder

When Isolder’s feet hit rock, his knees shook so badly that he could hardly stand, and his heart raced. Isolder threw off his helmet, gasped the warm night air, looked around at the rocks and sparse trees of the desert. Storm had also settled quietly to the ground, but nowhere could Isolder see a sign of the repulsorlift mechanism, no generators, no antigravity dishes aimed into the sky. He looked all around, then saw something above: Luke Skywalker sitting with his legs crossed, eyes closed in concentration, and arms folded, floating to the ground. Skywalker, Isolder thought. Perhaps that is how his ancestors got their name. When the Jedi had floated within inches of the rock, he opened his eyes and jumped, as if dropping from a ledge.

Taken from The Courtship of Princess Leia. - Credits to @silver2467

He collapses a three story tall house.

“Please,” she said. “I’m never coming back here. Bring all of it down.”

Without moving from where they stood, Luke complied. A twist of a corner, a push in the middle of a long wall, opened a spiderweb of cracks. The cracks widened in turn, until the stonework fell in and the roof collapsed atop it, kicking up a billow of yellow dust.

Taken from Black Fleet Crisis Before the Storm. - Credits to @silver2467

Re-creating and later destroying a mountain-sized fortress.

Luke had not gone far when he stopped and looked up at the top of the cliff for a long moment, then out at the twin spires of rock. Dropping his chin to his chest and closing his eyes, he turned through two full circles, then looked back up at the cliff edge. “Yes,” he said, the wind stealing the word from his lips. “Yes, it is here.”

He sat down on the sand, cross-legged and straight-backed, and brought his hands together in his lap, fingertip to fingertip. Concentrating on a picture in his mind, Luke dipped his awareness deeply into the flow of the Force beneath him. With eyes that looked inward, he found what he was seeking, like flaws in a near-perfect crystal. He extended his will.

The sand around him stirred. The rocks shuddered, shifted, then began to rise from the sea and the sand as though sifted from them by an invisible screen. Swirling through the air as they sought their place, the stones took shape as broken wall and shattered foundation, as arch and gate and dome—the ruins of Darth Vader’s fortress retreat. It hung in the air around and above Luke as it had once stood atop the cliff, a dark-faced and forbidding edifice.

There was no record in Imperial City’s files to say whether his father had ever occupied the fortress, though it had clearly been built for him in accord with his instructions. It had been empty when it was destroyed by a B-wing’s blasters, in the days after the New Republic reclaimed Coruscant. Was this where Vader plotted his conquests in the Emperor’s service? Was this where he had come to rejuvenate after a battle? Had there been celebrations here, self-indulgent pleasures or cruelties? Luke listened for the echoes of the old evils, and could not be certain. But that did not matter to his plans. As he had redeemed and reclaimed his father, he would redeem and reclaim his father’s house.

Now the stones swirled again in the air, joined by others plucked from the sea and stripped from the face of the cliff. Now broken edge fused against broken edge, and the dark faces of the rock lightened as their mineral structure was reshuffled. Now heavy rock walls and floors thinned to an airy elegance as if they were clay in a potter’s press. Now a tower stretched skyward until it rose above the edge of the cliff.

When it was done, the last gap closed, the last rock transformed, the structure securely perched just above the sand on pillars of stone extending down to bedrock, Luke brought the E-wing down the beach and nestled it in the chamber he had made for it. I was not a door that closed over the opening, though, but a solid wall that closed out not only the wind and the cold, but the world. “Shut down all systems,” Luke told R7-T1. “Then place yourself in standby mode, I won’t be needing you for a while.”

The last task was to inspect his retreat from the perspective of any outsiders whose gaze might fall upon it. All was as he had planned. From the sky, it appeared as part of the beach. From the sea, as part of the cliffs. From the beach, as part of the sky. From the cliffs, as part of the sea. It was not a trick of camouflage, but a simple matter of allowing the essences of its substance to be seen. The retreat was of the sea, and the rock, and the sand, and the sky, in harmony with them rather than imposed on them.

The last test was to climb the tower and inspect the view. But when he looked to the east, he found his view blocked by the lowering clouds. So he waited, shrugging off time as easily as he shrugged off the cold. He waited until the wind finally blew the storm away, until he could see the snow-capped Menarai Mountains ruling over the jewel of the Core, outlined against the sky by the light from the yellow-faced inner moon.


A damp, cold wind blowing out of a broken sky buffeted Luke Skywalker as he stood on the cliff above his seacost hermitage. He stood there a long time, thinking off all the reasons he had raised it from the rocky sands, of the work he had thought to do there. He had taken the broken pieces of his father’s fortress retreat and tried to remake them into something that could redeem them from their history. But he saw now that all he had managed to build was a prison, and that he had been fortunate to escape it.

Extending his hands and his will, Luke found the points of greatest stress within the structure and pressed upon them, found the points of greatest fragility and sundered them. With a roar that momentarily rivaled the wind, the hermitage collapsed in on itself, crushing the fighter still sealed within it.

But that was not enough to satisfy Luke, not enough to forever erase the temptation. One after another, he raised the pieces of the ruined hermitage, the broken ship, up out of the sand and into the air, crumbling them with the force of his thoughts, until it was a dense, swirling cloud of pebble-sized fragments and metal bits. Then, with a final, explosive effort of will, he hurled the cloud of debris far out beyond the breakers, where it rained down on the churning water and vanished from sight.

Taken from Black Fleet Crisis: Before the Storm - Credits to @silver2467

Lifted a huge piece of a mountain. Seemingly not using a lot of effort.

Jumped an incredible distance and blew away a dozen droids.

Deflects a AT-AT shot, and crushes its cockpit.

Supports an AT-ST from falling.

Here he pushes over a statue of his father, Darth Vader. - Credits to @silver2467

Precognition / Reaction Speed / Clairvoyance

"Hey, I'm sorry, Luke, I don't know what happened!" Wes said.

"Don't worry about it. We'll sort it out later. Right now, we'd better go before the Empire decides we might be worth chasing after all."

"Copy that, Luke."

But now the heat---and sweaty cold---of the incident had passed, the fear oozed back, the taste of it sour in him. He could have been blown apart. If not for the Force warning him, he would have been fried, would have winked out like an overloaded glowbulb, never knowing what had hit him. Dead, gone, no more.

Taken from Shadows of the Empire.

The two standing unslung their blaster rifles and swung them up, fired---Luke blocked the first bolt, shifted in the Force, blocked the second---Dash dived over Land and Chewie, shoulder-rolled once, stretched out prone, fired once, twice, three times---The two standing guards went down, but another one spun away from the wall, blaster rifle spewing---Chewie sat up, and the bowcaster spoke---The third guard went down, but the fourth one shot at them---Luke barely blocked a beam that vibrated his hands and arms hard, but the reflected bolt hit one of the overhead lamps and shattered it; the room went dimmer---Dash's blaster spat hard light again and again Chewie's bowcaster thrummed--The guard's were all down now, save one, but he didn't have a gun.

Taken from Shadows of the Empire. - Credits to ZomBninja

Here he processes info in nanoseconds.

Luke raised his lightsaber and grasped the Sith in the Force, intending to bring him tumbling into an ignited blade … then felt something catch him across the ankles. He had no time to be astonished, barely even the nanosecond required to realize Abeloth had survived her fall into the cleft.

Taken from Fate of the Jedi: Vortex Credits to @deronn_solo

Deflects multiple shots from Xixor, the leader of Black Sun,an excellent marksman.

Luke spotted the tall alien just as he brought his blaster to bear. Uh-oh. Looked like the guy had spent a lot of time at the range. He jerked his lightsaber from his belt, flicked it on, and let the Force claim him---The deadly lance of energy rocketed at Luke---His lightsaber came across, an inward move, and stopped as if by its own vilition in front of his face, blocking the view from his left eye---He felt the impact as the energy of his blade deflected the energy of the incoming bolt. It would have hit him right in the eye---The alien fired again....

Again the lightsaber moved, directed by the Force. Another beam splashed harmlessly against the hand-made Jedi weapon and bounced back and down, hit the floor, and burned through

Xizor frowned. How could he do that?

He couldn't be that fast! He fired again---Guri leaped out into the corridor.

Taken from Shadows of the Empire. - Credits to ZomBninja

Looks into the future.

A cloud-frosted blue world appeared on the screen. "Bakura," said a bland, mature female voice. "Imperial Study Survey six-oh-seven-seven-four." Cloud cover swirled closer. Luke's vision dropped through it to hover over a vast range of green mountains. Through a deep valley, two broad parallel rivers cut the mountains and wound down to a verdant delta. Luke imagined rich, damp smells, like on Endor. "Salis D'aar, capital city, is the seat of the Imperial governorship. Bakuran contributions to Imperial security include a modest flow of strategic metals..." So green. So wet. Luke shut his eyes. His head sank.

...He sprawled on a deck of a strange spaceship. A huge reptilian alien, brown-scaled with a blunt, oversize head, tromped toward him waving a weapon. Luke ignited his lightsaber. Heavy with the Emperor's fingerprints, it slid through his grip. Then he recognized the big lizard's "weapon"; a restraining-bolt Owner, used to control droids. Laughing, he leaped into fighting stance. The lizard's Owner whirred. Luke froze in place.

"What?" Disbelieving, he looked down. He had a droid's stiff-jointed body. Again the alien raised its Owner device...

Taken from The Truce at Bakura.

Luke, focus your thoughts. Luke grimaced again. Now Ben wanted him to focus his thoughts. He took a deep breath, turning his mind toward the newcomers. And paused.The Force will guide you, if you let it. The closing ship was almost in range. Luke peered out at it, wondering how he was supposed to get this guidance.

With his thoughts focused, and with the other ship starting to close the distance, the overall sense of the men aboard was becoming clearer.

But it wasn't the same coiled-spring predator feeling he'd sensed back at Conso City tapcafe. It had some of the same strength and anticipation, but there was something different about it. Something less angry, or less vicious. Less evil.

Maybe the way he let the Force control his movements when he practiced with the remote? Taking a deep breath, painfully aware of the risk he was taking, he settled his hands on the yoke and allowed the Force to flow into him. And to his amazement, his fingers lifted off the firing controls.Very good, Ben's voice came again, and Luke thought he could sense approval in the tone. Not all strangers are enemies.

Luke had to smile in the obviousness of that one. Still, it was a lesson he would do well to keep in mind. Throwing one last look at the oncoming ship, he swiveled the quad around and settled the sights onto the pirate ships ahead of him. Once again he let the Force's guidance flow into him, once again his fingers moved of their own accord. Only this time, it was to settle themselves firmly onto the firing controls. The message was clear. Instead of taking out the new ship, Luke was to join in Han's attacks on the known pirates.

Taken from Allegiance.


Blocks so many blaster bolts, that it was raining bolts.

A horizontal hail of energy bolts stabbed at Luke---The Force let him move faster than he thought possible, and he wove a defensive tapestry with his lightsaber that turned the hard rain away. Ricocheting beams hit and pierced walls, bounty hunters, the floor, the ceiling. It was dangerous to be here, no matter where you stood. Amazed as he was at his speed and skill, Luke knew it couldn't continue. He had to miss only one block and he would be a goner. Sooner or later, they'd get him.

He ran forward down the hall, and the shooters ahead gave way against their own reflected firepower. There was a lot of yelling going on with the blasting:

"look out, you fool!"

"there he is, get him!"

"watch it, watch it!"

"I'm hit!"

He didn't know how far he had to go to get to the exit. He had a good idea it wasn't pretty close, he wasn't going to make it. But Luke went with the flow of the Force, continued to cut and block, to parry bolts and flesh and bones as the bounty hunters tried to stop him.

Taken from Shadows of the Empire. - Credits to ZomBninja

Duels with Sidious, and they move so fast that Leia cant see them.

Luke: Yes. The Force binds us. Brings us together. Many people are fighting this war together. Our ally is the Force. Through the strength of the Force, your shroud of evil has been lifted from my mind! (Sound of lightsaber activating.)

Palpatine: So be it. Through the power of the Force, you will die!

(Sound of lightsaber activating. Sound of lightsabers clashing together. Sound of Luke and Palpatine grunting.)

Leia: Be careful, Luke! The Emperor is so strong... They’re both moving so fast, I can hardly see them.

Taken from: Dark Empire. - Credits to @silver2467

Force Powers

Luke uses Emerald Lightning

Eager to award the kill to the Supreme Overlord, the slayer closest to Luke turned and ran at Jacen with his amphistaff held overhead like an ax, intent on splitting open his victim's forehead.

Jacen could feel Luke call deeply on the reservoir that was the Force. From Luke's left hand gathered a blinding tangle of energy manipulated into being by the raw power of the Force. As if hitting an invisible wall, the warrior stopped short, then spasmed as green sparks began to coruscate around him. Enveloped, he fell like a tree. Still twisting and writhing away from the snapping amphistaff, Jacen used his Vongsense to dampen the effect of the dovin basal, allowing him to move out of its gravitic field and get to his feet. His short opponent howled in outrage and whipped the amphistaff.

Taken from: The Unifying Force, Page 447

Credits to Whirlwind_33 and ZomBninja

Creates a barrier, which withstands direct hits from an AT-AT

No Caption Provided

Credits to @shootingnova

Luke uses Fold Space

Luke caught Tadar'Ro's eye and smiled a little. Then, before Ben knew what was happening, there was a sharp pop of displaced air. The Vor'cha stick simply vanished from his hands to reappear in his father's. He gaped for a second, and then realized that while he had been studying so hard to learn flow-walking, Luke had readily mastered the other known Aing-Tii Force technique. He laughed a little as Luke tossed the stick back to his son.

Taken from: Fate of the Jedi : Omen