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Comics I Proposed A Complete Monster From

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  • Listed as "Tomie"

    Tomie is a Humanoid Abomination who enjoys toying with men to get what she wants. She gets them so devoted to her that they'll commit murder and suicide for her, and then drives them to murder her, after which she always regenerates, usually with multiple bodies in one Hive Mind. One time, she experimented on a girl, attaching chunks of herself to her victim that proceeded to grow into more Tomies on her. This leaves her in such pain that her screams sound like thunder. Another time, a bunch of Tomie chunks grew into more Tomies at the bottom of a lake, where they proceeded to lure many men to jump and drown one young boy. She also uses transplants to take over girls' bodies and minds completely. In the final chapter, she turns an old couple who took her in against each other, leading to the wife being Driven to Suicide and the husband killing Tomie and the maid, all so she could get their money.

  • Herr Schering is a Gestapo agent sent to retaliate against the assassination of Colonel Freydrich. He goes about this retaliation by ordering a massacre of the surrounding area, planning to take out over 7,000 innocents by the time he finished. He gets to 700 in one day before being captured by Kismet. He is then taken to the headquarters of La RĂ©sistance, which he tries to escape by threatening to blow up the base with his men still inside.

  • Listed as "Pat Patriot: America's Joan of Arc"

    Fritz Haubner is a Nazi saboteur tasked with blowing up the set of an American war film. To do so, he enlists film star Walter Mills to get him on set. On the night of the bombing, Mills learns that Pat Patriot is taking some Boy Scouts on a tour of the set. Haubner, not caring who dies so long as he becomes a national hero, orders the attack carried out anyways. Mills tries to stop the bombing, and Haubner shoots him near-fatally for his trouble.

  • Jim Carr is an Amoral Attorney seeking to be the greatest cattle rustler in the West. To do so, he takes advantage of a village's tensions to create a range war so bad that "the range will run red." To do so, he murders some ranchers to do a Frame-Up for the other side. His original plan to kill a few more ranchers to start the war is complicated by the arrival of Gunsmoke. To speed things up, he kills the neutral sheriff, who happens to be his father-in-law, and tries to frame him as taking a side.

  • R. Krause is a Mad Scientist working to create limb regeneration to make lots of money. To do this, he experimented on his patients with crab DNA, killing all of them. His medical license stripped away, Krause fled before he could be arrested. Years later, the good doctor paid off the head of a veterans' hospital to let him experiment on a few patients, killing five before Yellowjacket stops him in the middle of an experiment on a fisherman he kidnapped.

  • Listed as "Will Eisner's Wonder Man"

    General Attilla is the dictator of Tatonia. When a rebellion crops up, he redirects the majority of his nation's food supply to the military and orders refugees massacred to put it down. Bombing a Red Cross hospital, Attilla's goons hold a couple wealthy socialites volunteering there for ransom, despite never intending to release them. After Wonder Man thwarts the general's plans, he plots to start another war to regain control.

  • Joe Carrol is the son of a wealthy man trying to get his dad's inheritance. Taking advantage of Dad's fear of the dead rising to kill him, Joe pays off a magician to teach him how to puppeteer a corpse so he can gaslight the man into signing everything to him. On the day of his plan, he has the magician killed to cover up his method, ordering two other people investigating the crime to be killed. He then carries out his plan, laughing when his father dies of fright.

  • Menar is a Mad Scientist and career criminal. After inventing the Tidal Annihilator, a machine that can generate destructive tidal waves, Menar moves to a Supervillain Lair under the sea, forcing his daughter to come with him. He then proceeds to destroy multiple ships, killing everybody aboard and robbing the cargo. After wiping one boat out for a $100,000,000 shipment of gold, Typhon and his lieutenant go to investigate. After Menar captures our heroes, he leaves them in a Death Trap to suffocate.

  • Tyrannus is an agent of an unnamed European dictatorship sent to destroy America from within. He raises an army to kidnap the President and force Congress to vote him in as absolute dictator on pain of death. As Super-American puts a stop to these plans, Tyrannus orders a Maryland town flooded. In order to pull off a successful escape, Tyrannus orders New York City destroyed by his army. Later, he's seen assisting his boss, Vultro, in ensuring his country can successfully invade the US. To prevent Super-American from interfering, Tyrannus orders a bombing raid on a munitions factory his nemesis is in, not caring that many of his men are in the same place. After that fails, Tyrannus tries to escape, killing a scientist he was working with in the process.

    Herr Largo is a Nazi agent in America tasked with stopping Super-American's meddling. Capturing one of his allies, Largo tortures him into giving up Super-American's home base, leaving the young man begging for death in his cell. He then invades the base, killing several soldiers and Super-American's scientist ally in the process. Knocking Super-American out with a special gas, Largo contacts the German army and orders them todo a land invasion of New York City, massacring soldier and civilian alike. Donning Super-American's power suit, Largo flies into the fray, personally downing 23 airplanes.

  • Heydrich is a Nazi spy tasked with destroying American munitions plants. To do so, he sets up shop as a clock-maker and gets a contract to fix the city's punch-clocks. He then rigs the clocks to explode when a time-card is punched in, blowing up the factory and killing everybody inside. After having taken out four plants this way, the Steel Fist shows up to stop him. Heydrich locks the Steel Fist in a room to wallow in his failure to stop the explosions until he's killed.

  • Listed as "The Eye Sees"

    Ganza is a Professional Killer hired to make a small nation's civil war worse. Deciding the best way to do so is to get the United States involved, he masterminds a plot to blow up the American consulate with the ambassador, his daughter and anybody else who happens to be inside, and make it look like an air raid did it. While setting up the bombs, Ganza kills a henchman for seeing something nobody else does. He later executes his other employees so he doesn't have to share the payout.

  • The Dictator's Shadow is a supervillain and Nazi spymaster in the United States. First seen berating Herr Kampf for failing to destroy a military base's armory, he then has Kampf infiltrate a mock battle exercise as one side to massacre the other. When the Lone Warrior shows up to capture Kampf, the Shadow leaves him in a gas chamber, the first of many death traps the spymaster would put our hero in. Escaping capture when this operation is busted, the Shadow tries to acquire a machine that can permanently shut down any motor, subjecting its inventor to Cold-Blooded Torture to get it. After testing the machine on a fleet of airplanes, killing almost everybody aboard, the Shadow has his Torture Technician kill his captive by burning his skin off. He then leads a land invasion of Washington, D.C., crashing many more planes in the process. The Warrior shows up to stop the Shadow, but the latter tries to melt him with lava while Faking the Dead via creating a false shadow to escape. He then purchases a race of giants from The Gestapo to use as Slave Mooks in an assassination campaign against the American military high command. When the Lone Warrior tries to stop the murder, the Shadow speeds up the process by having the giants drive the generals out of a meeting so he can gun them down himself. When this fails, he leaves the giants to be slaughtered while he tries to escape.

  • Heat Devron is a gangster who's masterminded a payroll robbery, personally killing the men guarding it. After he has his gang split up to make them harder to catch, he guns down the one goon who went with him after revealing his plan to take all the money for himself. This murder attracts the attention of Detective Ace Powers, whom Devron knocks out, ties to a rigged boiler and leaves to die as he steals his badge and gun to make his escape easier. After stumbling upon the rest of his gang in a shootout with some cops, he uses his police masquerade to order all of them killed before he's captured.

  • Frank Faro is a criminal resurrected in a gorilla's body after his execution. Commemorating his awakening by killing the scientist who did the procedure, Faro then kills a guy for his suit anf fashions a disguise, taking on the alias "the Gargoyle." He then gets his old gang back together and goes on a robbery and murder spree against the judge and jury who put him away. When the gang get sick of his murders due to the increased police presence they cause, the Gargoyle kills them all and burns their headquarters down. He then tries to kill another juror and her son.

  • An unnamed thug is hired by crime boss Blackjack Grady to don a costume identical to the Masked Marvel and frame him for whatever crime he chooses. The criminal proceeds to go on a spree of violent robberies, killing six men in three months. When Grady sends the thug to rob a train, he decides to stop it by blowing up a bridge with populated cars on it. He then blasts his way through tje remaining cars to get to his prize. After succesfully pulling that off, the thug gets more daring, culminating in daily robberies and murders before the Marvel stops him.

  • Listed as "Buckskin: America's Defender of Liberty"

    Mr. Brockman is a Nazi spy masquerading as a schoolteacher. Manipulating a group of children into spreading his propaganda, he then kidnaps them and forces their munitions factory eorker fathers to bomb their workplaces under pain of their kids' deaths. Brockman keeps the boys in poor conditions, regularly whipping them for talking too loud. He has no intention of keeping his deal, either, planning to frame the fathers as the masterminds and kill the children as a loose end.

    The Black Buzzard is a fanatical Nazi who aims to destroy the largest arsenal in the United States. To test his plan, he has a bunch of guards dosed with a horrific poison that makes them melt to the bone before shooting down a transport plane. His scheme proven sound, the Buzzard proceeds to have every guard between him and his target poisoned. He then goes on a kamikaze run, intending to crash a plane full of explosives into rhe arsenal in broad daylight, risking the lives of thousands.